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 National Factfile of the Soviet Union

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National Factfile of the Soviet Union 600px-Flag_of_the_Soviet_Union.svg
The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Союз Советских Социалистических Республик

Short name: Soviet Union, USSR
Official language: Russian
Other language(s): None
Capital: Moscow
Currency: Soviet Ruble
National animal: Bear
Motto: Workers of the World, Unite!
National Anthem: Hymn of the Soviet Union

Head of State and Government: Vladslav Lukin, General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Government Structure:

- The Soviet Union is a collection of semi-autonomous regions, each lead by their respective Communist Parties, that together make up the larger Soviet bloc. The political and economic structure, as well as the overall organizational structure, of each region is the same and is mirrored in the national government structure. For all intents and purposes our focus shall lay on the national level.

Medium-to-High ranking party officials in the various regional Communist Parties make up the membership of the Party Congress of the Soviet Union. The Party Congress convenes once every five years to debate and discuss policies as well as to elect members to the Central Committee. The Central Committee then elects party members to make up the Politburo, the true governing body of the Soviet Union. It is common that the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union heads both the Central Committee and the Politburo, acting as the head of state and government. In this position, the title of Premier of the Soviet Union is used.

Ethnicities: Russian
Religions: None
Languages: Russian
Economy: Central Planning

Rating: Thriving
Currency: Soviet Ruble
Exhange Rate: Soviet rubles (руЯ) per NSD ($) - 1.0046
GDP: руЯ203.88 billion
GDP per capita: руЯ20.39 thousand
Unemployment rate: 4.10%
Budget: руЯ36.97 billion
Expenditures: руЯ29.58 billion
Budget Surplus: руЯ7.39 billion
Exports: руЯ24.82 billion
Imports: руЯ25 billion
Trade Deficit: руЯ180 million

Total Manpower: 250,000 (x1.0 Quality)
Active: 75,000
Reserve: 175,000

Military Rankings:

Standard Battle Rifle: AK-47
Standard Machinegun: 7.62mm PK
Standard Personal Anti-Tank Weapon: RPG-7
Main Battle Tank(s): T-44
Main Armoured Personnel Carrier: BTR-152

Rocket Artillery: BM-21 Multiple Rocket Launcher
Towed Artillery: M-46 130mm Field Gun

Towed Anti-Aircraft: 23mm ZU-23 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun


Fighter Aircraft: Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15
Strategic and Tactical Reconnaissance Aircraft: Ilyushin Il-38
Strategic and Tactical Bomber Aircraft: Ilyushin Il-4
Assault Helicopters: Mil Mi-6 'Hook'

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National Factfile of the Soviet Union
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