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Sorboldistan Factfile 125px-Flag_of_Ukraine.svg

Official Name: People's Republic of Sorboldistan
Short name: Sorboldistan
Local name: Sorboldistan
Official Language(s): English, Russian
Other Language(s): German, Crimean
Capital: Kiev
Currency: Soviet Credit
National Animal: Bear
Motto: One Scythe. One Hammer. Many Hands

Head of State: Ivan Cristof
Head of Government: Igor Chudinov, Sorboldistan Supreme Soviet
Government: Federal Socialist One Party Nation

Foreign Relations
Rapture Empire: Enemy
Canton Rouge: Enemy
United States of Jonfor: Icy
Clampapra: Icy
Porcu: Unfriendly
Religions: Outlawed
Languages: Russian, English
Economy: Developing

Exchange Rate: 1.4416 Soviet Credits = $1
Gross Domestic Product: $13,983,062,391,419.85
GDP Per Capita: $12,959.28
Unemployment Rate: 6.85%
Consumption: $10,738,423,800,000.00
Government Budget: $4,063,645,638,000.00
Government Expenditures: $3,250,916,510,400.00
Goverment Waste: $812,729,127,600.00
Exports: $1,796,472,121,019.85
Imports: $1,802,750,040,000.00
Trade Deficit: $6,277,918,980.15

Domestic Statistics
Government Category: Iron Fist Consumerists
Government Priority: Law & Order
Economic Rating: Very Strong
Civil Rights Rating: Few
Political Freedoms: Outlawed
Income Tax Rate: 24%
Major Industry: Automobile Manufacturing
National Animal: Bear
Total Population: 1,079,000,000

Military: 10,790,000

Tanks And Infantry
1,500 T-72
1,500 T-44
65 Mil Mi-24 Attack Helicopters
25,000,000 AK-47 Rifles
1,550 Artillery

Planes and Support Craft
1,500 MIG-29 Fulcrum
500 Su-27 Flanker
200 MIG 31 Foxhound
2,000 Support Craft
12 Type 7 Destroyers
5 Kiev Class Air Carriers
10 Typhoon Class Submarines

A nation that was once known as Ukraine, a group of expelled Communist factions took control of the government and exacted a strict Communist Rule. Many of the nation's founders are past government leaders of Protoa, Robengrad and Eketraine. As they exacted a rule on the people, the people there began to enjoy the life of Communism and the utter hatred of Facism and Democracy. It is said that the top enemies of this nation are the Imperial Empire of Protoa and United Provinices of Canton Rouge.

After the Protoan/Rapture Civil War, the People's Republic of Sorboldistan took a dim and icy view of the Rapture Empire and Canton Rouge. It also has intentions of uniting the empire of Teloss against the Global Initiative Directorate.
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Sorboldistan Factfile
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