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Zionir FactFile 125px-Flag_of_Israel.svg

Name: Federalist Provinces of Zionir

Official language(s): English, Russian, Hebrew, French
Capital: Tel Aviv
Currency: Shekel
National animal: Goat
Motto: "The Hope"

Head of State
: President Shimon Peres
Head of Government: Benjamin Netanyahu
Supreme Court

Government: Parliamentary republic

Ethnicities: English, Jewish, French, Arabic

Religions: Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim

Domestic Statistics
Government Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Government Priority: Law & Order
Economic Rating: Very Strong
Civil Rights Rating: Some
Political Freedoms: Some
Income Tax Rate: 100%
Major Industry: Arms Manufacturing
National Animal: Goat

Major Industries: Armanments,Nuclear Technology, Steel, Medical Technology, Automobile Manufacturing, Plastics, Tourism
National Imports: Rapture ADAM and EVE, Rapture Weapons and Material, Iron
National Exports: Oil, Grain, Domestic Animals, Steel
National Resources: Oil, Wheat, Grain, Citrus, Cement

Foreign Relations:
Protoa: Good
Clampapra: Good
United States of Jonfor: Developing
Sorbolistan: Dismal

Military:(given 1% rp rule) 32,330,000
1,250 M-1 Abrams tanks
25,000 Support Trucks
6 Nimitz-class Carriers
12 Tarawa-Class Assault Boats
8Ohio Class Submarines
8 Seawolf Class Submarines
10 Ticonderoga-class Cruisers
20 Arleigh Burke class destroyers

Airforce: 200 F-22 Raptors
250 FB-22 Strike Raptor Bombers
150 Longbow Apache Attack Helicopters
100 C-130s
110 AC-130s
105 KC-135s
BR55HB SR Battle Rifle
G36 Assault Rifle

1,200Howitzer Artillery
800 Metal Storm Mobile Units

Specialized Weapons:
Nuclear Weapons: 5,000
Biological Weapons: 10,000( Anthrax, brucellosis, botulism toxin, etc),
Chemical Weapons:10,000(Sarin, Radon, VX)

History: The Land of Zionir, known in Hebrew as Eretz Zionir, has been sacred to the Jewish people for four thousand years, ever since the time of the biblical patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. According to the Bible, it was promised to the Jews as their homeland,and the sites holiest to Judaism (particularly the site of the First and Second Temples of Zion) are located there. Around the 11th century BCE, the first of a series of Jewish kingdoms and states established rule over the region; these Jewish kingdoms and states ruled intermittently for the following one thousand years.

The Menorah sacked from Zion, as seen on the Arch of Titus.Between the time of the Jewish kingdoms and the seventh-century Muslim conquests, the land of Zionir would fall under Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Sassanian, and Byzantine rule. Jewish presence in the region dwindled after the failure of Bar Kokhba's revolt against the Roman Empire in 132 CE and the resultant large-scale expulsion of Jews. Nevertheless, the Jewish presence in Palestine remained constant, although the main Jewish population shifted from the Judea region to the Galilee; the Talmud, one of Judaism's most important religious texts, was composed in the region during this period. The land of Zionir was captured from the Byzantine Empire around 636 CE during the initial Muslim conquests. Control of the region transferred between the Umayyads, Abbasids, Crusaders, Khwarezmians, and Mongols over the next six centuries, before falling in the hands of the Mamluk Sultanate, in 1260. In 1517, the land of Israel became a part of the Ottoman Empire, which would rule the region until the 20th century.

In 1991, Zionir declared it's independence and existence after a long time of divison. The nation became a Communist Regime, which would hold until June, 2007- when it became a Federalist Republic. The relationship between Zionir's closest ally Protoa soured with the discovery of a Zionirian Spyplane that crashed into Protoa- near the city of Kiel. The government of Zionir declared that Protoa was withholding valuable information that would benefit Zionir, and almost brought the two nations close to war.

Following the Protoan/Rapture Civil War, Zionir and Rapture have prospered as close allies and partners in the Global Initiative Directorate.
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Zionir FactFile
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