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The Kingdom of Metz

Sir Metz Factfile 68352003

Government Type: Kingdom
Ruler: King Gavin Metz
Short Name: Metz
Local Name: Metz
Official Language: Afrikaans, English
Other Languages: Native Languages
Capital: Metz (Located where modern day Pretoria is)
Currency: African Dollar 1 African Dollar=1.7122 NS Dollars
Population: 5.606 Billion
National Animal: Elephant
Motto: For King, Country and Africa
National Anthem: South African National Anthem


Years ago there was an ancient history of Hyrule known as The Golden Age. During this era of Hyrulean history, there once was a nation known by the name of Spain, which was once civilized and very successful. Not all civilizations lasted however, and they soon crumbled. The power that once resided in those lands did not die out completely. For years it was a battle ground between families attempting to claim power and declare themselves King of the lands. One family eventually became the victor.

The Kingdom of Metz was created from the growing population of people located where the ancient civilization of Spain once was. A man by the name of Gavin Metz declared himself king. After defeating several competing families, such as the Redelinghuys and proving his right to the throne, he now remains as the King of The Kingdom of Metz.

With the nation having been successfully created, King Gavin Metz held a coronation for his son, now King Gavin the II. There is now a new era occurring within the Kingdom, with its history yet to be known.

The Kingdom of Metz currently consists of an Island in the Northern ocean, which contains the Capital of Metz. This island is nestled in amongst the rest of the nation, which lies along the coast, protecting and shielding the Capital from any possible harm. The Capital lies within the Province of Metz, with Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Gauteng and Limpopo, from east to west respectively, creating the rest of the five Provinces of The Kingdom of Metz. Cape Town sits right on the coastal border between Western and Eastern Cape, with Durban being the biggest town in Limpopo.

Together, these five provinces create The Kingdom of Metz. Each one is led by royal family members, who all take orders from the king. These royal family members are also the next of kin to become King or Queen of The Kingdom, and are selected by the king to become King.

List of Criminals of The Kingdom of Metz

The Militant group, led by Rudi Redelinghuys, has engaged in a war with the Kingdom during its early stages. Although the King of Metz defeated this threat, the rebel group has regrouped to the north of the nation and could still pose a threat to The Kingdom and its friends. The Image below shows a general presenting a flag to Rudi Redelinghuys after taking control of a city. Rudi Redelinghuys is not shown in the picture.

Redelinghuys Militant Group

The Militant Group known as “The Resistance” is a violent religious group that fights against Christianity. They feel that it is because of Christianity that their native tribes have been decimated and abused, and that Christianity caused foreign nation to settle in their lands. Their leader is known as “The Shadow Man” to citizens within The Kingdom of Metz, and apparently no one but those close to him have ever seen him. Their group uses terrorist like tactics to enforce their wishes, and have set up several hidden bases within The Kingdom of Metz and nearby nations. They mainly reside in the Jungle to the NorthEast of The Kingdom of Metz. The picture below shows two Resistance fighters during one of their terrorist acts in an effort to take over a city in the northern eastern jungles outside of The Kingdom Of Metz.

The Resistance

This Christian leader, Peter Joseph is a radical Christian that has resulted in violence in order to convert people to Christianity. This man is constantly on the run from police within The Kingdom of Metz, especially after he poisoned an entire towns water supply, killing many of the children in the area. The picture below shows this man in his Christian attire.

Peter Joseph

The Armed Forces of Metz

Sir Metz Factfile Saarmyflag

Metz Armed Forces (Pop 5.5 Billion)
Official Name: The Armed Forces of Metz
Common Name: Metz Armed Forces or The Armed Forces of The Kingdom

Total Manpower: 7 Million Men (Collectively x1.5 Quality)
Active: 5 Million (Collectively x1.25 Quality)
Reserve: 1.5 Million (Collectively x1.25Quality)
Special Forces: .4 Million (Collectively x3 Quality)
Royal Guard: .1 Million (Collectively x5 Quality)

The Royal Ground Forces:

The Bull Army Group-Led by Field Marshall Mwenye Buru

Sir Metz Factfile Thebullarmy
-First Army
-Second Army
-Eighty Eighth Army
-Twelfth Army
-Fourth Army

The Lion Army Group-Led by Field Marshall Simba Lusala

Sir Metz Factfile Thelionarmy
-Third Amy
-Fifth Army
-Sixty Sixth Army
-Seventh Army
-Tenth Army

The Pegasus Army Group-Led by Field Marshall Zuberi Simanya

Sir Metz Factfile Thepegasusarmy
-Eighth Army
-Ninth Army
-Eleventh Army
-Sixth Army
-Thirty Second Army

Special Forces/The Boar Army Group (x3 Collectively): These Special Forces soldiers are trained to be able to fight in all types of terrain as well as day or night. They are also educated in all types of combat, as well as engineering, Para-trooping and more. These are some of the best trained soldiers that The Kingdom has to offer, and can cause problems for the enemy.

Sir Metz Factfile Theboararmy

Royal Guard/The Elephant Army Group (x3 Collectively): These are some of the best trained soldiers that the Kingdom has to offer. Taught never to retreat, only the best of the best are welcome into these ranks. They will turn the tide of battle or at a minimum, cause great damage the enemy.

Sir Metz Factfile Theelephantarmy

Main Battle Rifle:
M16 Rifle
Main Machine Gun:
M240 Machine Gun
Main Personal Anti-Tank Weapon:
SA Rocket
Light Battle Tank:
Medium Battle Tank:
Heavy Battle Tank:
Tank Destroyer:
Main Armored Personnel Carrier:
Battlefield Rockets/Missiles:
Anti Aircraft Gun:
2A38 AA Gun

The Royal Air Force:
Attack Aircraft:
(Air Superiority) F15 Eagle
(Attack/Intercepter) F15E Strike Eagle
(Multi-Role) F16 Fighting Falcon (Refuel/Transport) C130 Hercules
(Transport) C17 Globemaster
B17 Flying Fortress
B52 Steel Fortress
(Attack) AH 64 Apache Longbow
(Scout) MD 500
(Transport) CH-53D Sea Stallion

The Royal navy:
Aircraft Carriers:
Oluchi Class
Battle Ships:
Mossel Bay Class
Cape Town Class
Ntombi Class
Nkosazana Class
Abuto Class
Adede Class
Kirabo Class
Ngozi Class

The Markets/Industries/Corporations of The Kingdom of Metz
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Sir Metz Factfile
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