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Teloss Factfile 125px-Flag_of_Denmark.svg

Name: Independent Socialist States of Teloss

Official language(s): English, Dutch, German
Capital: Copenhagen
Currency: Krone
National animal: Platypus
Motto: "We are the Bastion of the Future"

Government: Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional monarchy
Head of State:Prince Frederik
Head of Government: Prime Minister Lars Lokke
People's Assembly

Ethnicities: Dutch, English, German, French
Religions: Various
Civil Rights:Some
Economy:Very Strong
Political Freedoms:Some

Military:(given 1% rp rule) 9,930,000
500 Leopard 2 Battle Tanks
25 Absalon-class command and support ship Frigate
20 Thetis class Frigate
10 Niels Juel class Corvette
400 F-22 Fighters
200 FB-22 Bombers
100 B-1 Bombers
10 K-135
15 C-130
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Teloss Factfile
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