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 The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1

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The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1   The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1 EmptyTue 21 Jul 2009 - 12:45

The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa
The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1 Clamparapa
Full Name: The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa
Short name: Clamparapa
Local name: Clamperrapa
Capital: Yavet Hill, Riefort
Motto: Clams are our friends.
National Colours: Red, Gold, Green

Clamparapan Government
Internal Affairs Facts
Leader - High Administrator
Current Leader - High Administrator Sangdor Maff
Government Type - High Democratic Order
Religion - Christian
Language - English (Riefort, Angton, Relican), Yolthol (Yahin, Rieler, Molanadad)

Clamparapa is a High Democratic Order. In place of a President or General Secretary, a High Administrator becomes leader over the land. This new type of leader is the head of the Clamparapan Supreme Council, different from previous leaders because he/she is now part of the Council. This means that in order for a law or decision to take effect, the Council votes on it. The head, or High Administrator has the tie-breaking vote to any debate. The High Administrator is the only one who can question the ruling made by the Council and put it up for another vote, which is called a Complete Veto. The difference is that the citizens of Clamparapa vote on this ruling. A High Administrator can only Complete Veto once. After this, they must step down as leader and elections take place to find a new ruler.
-Military: Grand Marshall Alexander Cocavec
-Political: Amadeus Lovell
-Economic/Trade Secretary: Janice Wright
-Research: Helen Manta
-Head of Military: Alexander Cocavec
-Head Ambassador: Price Haverfield
-Head Police Chief: Manna Amazzi
Foreign Relations
Unbreakable=Ally; Possible=Neutral; Fragile=Enemy
No allies or enemies as of yet
Previous Leaders
1. President Xavier Riekan (1947-1992) (Assassinated in office)
2. General Secretary Theodor Fraktor (1941-2007) (Died of heart attack in office)
3. Supreme Lord Rex Crawshore (1960-2007) (Assassinated in office)
4. General Secretary Marcus Theafer (2007-2015) (Did not seek re-election)
5. President Elias Crayton (2015-2020) (Stepped down when Clamparapa changed its government)
6. High Administrator Derga Ronto (2020-2040) (Stepped down because of Complete Veto Law)
7. High Administrator Sermi Reget (2040-2060) (Stepped down because of Complete Veto Law)

Current Leader:
High Administrator Sangdor Maff
The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1 Assassins-Creed-wallpaper-815
Clamparapan Royal Army (CRA)
Clamparapan Selected Infantry Army (CSIA)
46,750,000 Alliance A-2 Assault Rifles (AR)
2,000,000 Cheytac M200 Intervention Barrett Sniper Rifles (BSR)
2,250,000 Machine Gun Assault Weapons (MGAW)
2,500,000 Mortar Teams (MT)
2,500,000 Support Units (SU)
60,000,000 active units altogether
20,000,000 reserve units
Heavy Attack Vehicles (HAVs)
15,000 Wolverines Wolverine
750 Mammoth 27 tanks Mammoth 27
10,000 Titans Titan
Medium Attack Vehicles (MAVs)
5,000 Cougars Cougar
3,500 M35 Makos Mako
Light Attack Vehicles (LAVs)
5,000 Warthog LRVs Warthog
7,500 Mongooses Mongoose
1,000 Gauss Warthog LAAVs Gauss Warthog
Super Weapon
Unlike other nations, who have adopted nuclear weapons and missiles as their deterent, the UNCC has created two earth orbiting-based weapons platforms.
First, Clamparapa built the Rods from God. This rod shaped weapon is fired at 36,000 miles/hour straight down onto a target. The target is hit with the force of a nuclear missile but without the fallout of a missile.
Finally, the UNCC developed the Ion Cannon. This cannon fires 8 beams onto a target to ionize the gases around it, then a final beam is fired to ignite the gases. The resulting explosion is similar to a fuel air bomb, but 10x the magnitude. The main drawback of this weapon, along with the Rods from God, is the 3.5 hour waiting period between shots. Also, each weapon must be moved into orbit around the target. This is a long process, as scientists have yet to create an effective drive propulsion system.
The Alliance A-2 Assault Rifle
The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1 Nakada%20Particle%20Rifle1%20(4)ready
CSIA Force Breakdown
Unit-2 soldiers CO: Corporal; 2nd CO: Private
Squad-3 Units (6 soldiers) CO: First Sergeant; 2nd CO: Second Sergeant
Platoon-5 Squads (30 soldiers) CO: Sergeant Major; 2nd CO: Staff Sergeant
Company-5 Platoons (150 soldiers) CO: First Leftenant; 2nd CO: Second Leftenant
Battalion-5 Companies (750 soldiers) CO: Major; 2nd CO: Captain
Brigade-5 Battalions (3,750 soldiers) CO: Colonel; 2nd CO: Leftenant Colonel
Division-5 Brigades (18,750 soldiers) CO: Major General; 2nd CO: Brigadier General
Corps-5 Divisions (93,750 soldiers) CO: Leftenant General; 2nd CO: Second Leftenant General
Army-5 Corps (468,750 soldiers) CO: General; 2nd CO: Command Leftenant General
Field Army-2 Armies (937,500 soldiers) CO: Field General; 2nd CO: Marshal
The CSIA is extremely well trained, experianced, loyal, and ruthless.

Clamparapan Supreme Navy (CSN)
Nimitz-class carriers - 100
The Nimitz-Class Carrier
On each carrier: Fixed-wing aircraft - 75 F-35 fighter-bombers
Helicopters - 3 Sea Vengeance Anti-sub Helicopters
Ohio-class SSBN submarines - 850
The Ohio-Class Submarine
On each sub: Missiles - 10 Titan V Missiles
20 Cluster Missile Assault Weapon 100 (CMAW-100)
Virginia-class SSN submarines - 900
The Virginia-Class Submarine
Ticonderoga-class destroyers - 850
The Ticonderoga-Class Destroyer
Halifax-class frigates - 900
The Halifax-Class Frigate
Kirov-class battlecruisers - 200
The Kirov-Class Battlecruiser
Protecteur-class auxiliary vessels - 200
The Protecteur-Class Auxiliary Vessel
Naval Force Breakdown
1 Fleet=1 Carrier, 2 Battlecruisers, 8 Destroyers, 3 SSBN Submarines, 12 SSN Submarines, 12 Frigates, 2 Auxiliary Ships

Clamparapan Royal Air Force (CRAF)
Fixed-wing aircraft - 5,000 F-35 Lightning II fighter-bombers
The F-35 Lightning II Fighter Bomber
1,000 F-26 fighter-bombers
The F-26 Fighter Bomber
500 Utopian Delithyme Fighter (UDF) fighter-bombers
Air Force (Fixed Wing) Force Breakdown
1 Wing=500 F-35 fighters, 50 UDFs

Helicopters - 1,000 Hellcat Helicopters
The Hellcat
100 Sea Vengeance Anti-sub Helicopters
The Sea Vengeance
300 Apache II Helicopters
The Apache II
Air Force (Helicopter) Force Breakdown
All Helicopters are spread out among the Navy (Sea Vengeances), the Army (Hellcats), and the Air Force (Apaches)


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The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1 Empty
PostSubject: The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 2   The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1 EmptyTue 21 Jul 2009 - 12:46

The Order of Yahin
Given to an individual who goes beyond the call of duty and risks their own life for their fellow Clamparapans. Clamparapa's highest honour.
The Order of Yahin
Army Cross
Given to an individual in the CReA who goes beyond the call of duty.
The Army Cross
Navy Cross
Given to an individual in the CSN who goes beyond the call of duty.
The Navy Cross
Air Force Cross
Given to an individual in the CRAF who goes beyond the call of duty.
The Air Force Cross
Marine Cross
Given to an individual in the CRM who goes beyond the call of duty.
The Marine Cross
Yahin Intruder Bolt
Given to an individual in the Yahin Intruder Elite Forces who goes beyond the call of duty.
The Yahin Intruder Bolt
Civilian Cross
Given to a civilian who risks their own life to save a fellow Clamparapan, stop a criminal, or assists in any way against Clamparapa's enemies. Clamparapa's highest Civilian honour
The Civilian Cross
Rescuer's Cross
Given to an individual who saves a fellow Clamparapan's life.
The Rescuer's Cross

Other Facts
Domestic Statistics
Government Category: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy
Government Priority: Law & Order
Economic Rating: All-Consuming
Civil Rights Rating: Some
Political Freedoms: Good
Income Tax Rate: 100%
Major Industry: Automobile Manufacturing
National Animal: clam
National Currency: clamyam
Total Population: 9,162,000,000
Government Budget Details
Administration: $0.00 0%
Social Welfare: $24,319,271,155,135.64 10%
Healthcare: $17,023,489,808,594.95 7%
Education: $2,431,927,115,513.56 1%
Religion & Spirituality: $38,910,833,848,217.03 16%
Defence: $58,366,250,772,325.54 24%
Law & Order: $63,230,105,003,352.66 26%
Commerce: $21,887,344,039,622.08 9%
Public Transport: $12,159,635,577,567.82 5%
The Environment: $2,431,927,115,513.56 1%
Social Equality: $4,863,854,231,027.13 2%
Clamparapa Economic Statistics
Exchange Rate: 1 clamyam = $1.4039
Gross Domestic Product: $243,170,877,293,408.28
GDP Per Capita: $26,541.24
Unemployment Rate: 2.86%
Consumption: $0.00
Government Budget: $250,714,135,619,955.03
Government Expenditures: $243,192,711,551,356.38
Goverment Waste: $7,521,424,068,598.66
Exports: $30,076,273,607,318.80
Imports: $30,098,107,865,266.88
Trade Deficit: $21,834,257,948.09

The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1 Clamparapanmap
The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1 Alaska
Temperate with some small areas completely covered by snow. Exception is the Angton Desert.
Natural Resources:
Oil-Angton, Northern Relican (Oil Fields rival that of the Northern North American Tar Sands and the Middle East) Alaska (Untapped)
Gold-Northern Rieler Mountains (Contains billions of dollars in gold) Alaska (Untapped)
Uranium-Angton (One of the biggest producers of uranium in Hyrule)
Delithym-Angton, Molanadad (Only known places to produce Delithym) (Delithym is a fuel which has much more energy per lb than gasoline and diesel. It is extremely stable at normal temperatures but becomes extremely unstable when heated past 5,500 degrees F. Flash point is 500 degrees F. Note: This fuel does not actually exist)
Water-Relican, Yahin (One of the largest fresh water areas in the region)
Lumber-Lamation (Contains huge forests)
Yahin: The training center of the Clamparapan Elite Forces, the Yahin Intruders. Large peninsula that is a gateway for ships of all sizes.
Riefort: The capital rests on top of a huge hill, Yavet Hill, in this Northern province. It is thought that the sky is always blue here with occasional puffy white clouds.
Rieler: This province is situated in a crater that was made over 10,000 years ago. The fertile lands here offer a great place for farmers to grow crops.
Relican: This port province holds many of the ships in Clamparapa's powerful naval fleet. It is also a great resource for power as the powerful Relican Falls feed into the river that cuts through the province.
Angton: The desert province of Clamparapa, it is also the most abundant in uranium and Delithyme. At least that was 20 years ago, when international trade became interested in the deposits. Since then, the deserts of Angton are at 10% of what they were in 1987.
Molanadad: The other Delithyme rich province of Clamparapa, it is quite literally floating on the rare mineral. The mines have just been completed and are closely guarded. These mines have yet to be opened up to any other nation.
Lamation: The forest province of Clamparapa, this green province has majestic and breathtaking views. Known as the "Female Province" of Clamparapa for its beauty, it is also home to CROW's Experimental Research Center, where new military hardware is tested. The Bloodhound, F-35, and UDF were all tested here before going out into the world.
Alaska: The winter province of Clamparapa. The snowy mountains and fields hide vast amounts of gold and oil to be tapped by the Clamparapan people.
Clamparapan history
In 1300 AD, during the Protestant movement, a group of Protestants escaped the Catholic hangings of Protestants and settled down in what is now known as modern day Clamparapa. There was an abundance of clams in this new land and the name Clamparapa is really "Land of the Clams" in the Yolthol. In 1500 AD, a group of Catholic soldiers, blown off course in a storm, crashed in the same area. The Protestants were pushed back to a group of islands, now called the Shield Islands. The Catholics quickly took control of the mainland and did not bother with the Protestants. The Protestants kept in touch with a group of Protestant soldiers, headed by Captain Rie Yahin, by sending coded information. The code that was used is now the main language of Clamparapa, the Yolthol. These Protestant soldiers invaded the Catholic held Clamparapa at what is now the province of Yahin. They drove the Catholics out of the nation and established a country with a government and laws. All connection with outsiders was cut off until, in 1970 AD, a Canadian Expeditionary Force looking for new land, stumbled upon the large country. Clamparapa was officially recognized as a country in 1984 AD and placed on the world map in 1985 AD.
In 2020 AD, the Clamparapan Government became a High Democratic Order. It watched as the world advanced around it and became isolated from the rest of the world between 2020 and 2040. When Clamparapa became reopened to the rest of the world, the other nations were shocked to find a completely different Clamparapa on the world stage. The economy and resources of the nation were incredible and it's military had drastically changed. Work on AI research began in 2045, and ended with the creation of the SRCs in 2055. The world watched as the artificial beings were encouraged into Clamparapan society. Currently, in 2075, the UNC of Clamparapa is a very economically stable and advanced country.
Learn the Yolthol Language!
A=Tan; B=Ref; C=Tup; D=Yet; E=Guo; F=Iur; G=Tag; H=Urt; I=Dir; J=Dar; K=Yin; L=Yat; M=Tra; N=Rey; O=Ley; P=Yek; Q=Rad; R=Tat; S=Tig; T=Yot; U=Tha; V=Shi; W=Cre; X=Tap; Y=Ile; Z=Fre
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The United Naval Clamdom of Clamparapa Factfile Part 1
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