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Starman Deluxe Fact Files Kings_Crown_logo

The LA Kings Fanatics Nation of Starman Deluxe
Starman Deluxe

Offiical Language: Rheth
Other Languages: English, Italian
Capital: Nibelheim
Currency: Gil
National Animal: Foppys & Penguins
National Motto: Lets play kick the Duck!

Head of State: Evan
Head of Government: Evan

Capital Building:
Starman Deluxe Fact Files 2904414-Valencia--Futuristic-buildings-0

The Government of Starman Deluxe, well you can't really call it a Government more then you can call it anarchy. The People of Starman Deluxe though are still trying to figure out just how much power Evan has. Evan claims to the people that he is running a Republic as there are appointed leaders. But those that are close to Evan knows that he pulls the strings on everybody and he controls every little detail of Starman Deluxe. He cares little for what people say and what is best for his populace.

Ethnicities: Rhethen, English, Italian
Religions: None, Evan will not allow the practice of any religion
Languages: Rheth, English, Italian

Starman Deluxe Fact Files Gambling

The Economy of Starman Deluxe is perhaps one of the best in the region of Hyrule. Their leader Evan prides himself on keeping the economy strong, which allows him to provide for the defense of people. With over hundreds of billions of dollars spent on the defense, both in the nation and for the militia. Much of the money comes from tax, which is set at 100% As well as the gambling industry. Evan rigs all casinos and bets, allowing no one to win. He then strategically places people at the casinos claiming to have won to give people the idea that they can win, when in reality they can't.
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Starman Deluxe Fact Files
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