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Emprye Fact File 125px-Flag_of_Sudan.svg

Name: The United Directorate of Emprye
Official language(s): English, Arabic
Capital: Khartoum
Currency: Empyrean
National animal: Necron
Motto: The Directorate Is For Everyone

Government: Federal presidential democratic republic
Head of State:President Omar al-Bashir
Head of Government:President Omar al-Bashir, Prime Minister Minni Minnawi
The Majlis
Ethnicities: Arabic, African
Religions: Arabic
Civil Rights:Some
Economy:Very Strong
Political Freedoms:Some

Foreign Relations
Sorboldistan: Incredibly Strong
Pacific States Coalition: Very Strong
Sir Metz: Neutral
Canton Rouge: Weak
United States of Jonfor: Very Weak
The Rapture Empire: Very Weak
Clampapra: Weak

Military:(given 1% rp rule) 15,060,000
500 T-96
3 Battleships
20 Frigates
10 Crovette
400 MiG-29 Fighters
20 Tu-16 Bombers
10 Tu-22 Bombers
10 Myasishchev M-4 Tanker
15 Antonov An-124

The United Directorate of Emprye is a Arabic nation that follows Arabic Law. It has expressed distrust in Democratic and Capitalist nations, viewing them as Enemies of Allah. It has held a great respect for the nations of Sorboldistan and the Pacific States Coalition because of their attacks on the nations of (Former) Protoa, Canton Rouge and Robengrad. It proclaims that it will defend the freedom fighters against the tyranny of Democratic Imperialism.
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Emprye Fact File
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