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The Great Hyrulian Republic of Tallsville
Short name: Tallsville
Local Names: Tallsville, the Republic

Official Languages: English and Tallsvillian
Other Languages: french, Spanish, Tallnian, Bigian.
Capital: Some Obscure City to the South
Currancy: Tallian (Currant exchange rate: US $1.25 = 1 tallian)
National Animal: Tallsvillian Lynx (Bigosnia Lyoka is a native to this area and is not found in any other place on earth.)
Motto: It's too bad stupidity isn't painful, there'd be less
National Anthem: Song of Scatland by Scatman John


The leader of our great nation is Edward Elric, His Royal Tallness, is the dictator for life, and controls all.


Ethnicities: Some native Tallsvillian tribes, including Tallnians and Bigs, American, Irish, French.
Religions: Church of Tallsville, Roman Catholic, Assembly of God, Free Methodist , Baptist, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Atheism.
Languages: Tallsvillian, English, and minority languages, too many to list.

Geography and Climate

Highest point: Mount Elric, 3 miles above sea level
Lowest Point: Edward Valley, .5 miles below sea level

Average summer Temp: 95 degrees F
Average Winter temp: 29 degrees F

Coldest temp. ever: -10 degrees F
Hottest ever temp: 109 degrees F


This nation came about around the year 2001 A.D. when His Royal Tallness became fed up with American Politics. So he created a nation to run in his image. And the rest was spent in Hyrule, so you guys know most of the wars and stuff that went on.
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Tallsvillian Fact File
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