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Canton Rouge
Canton Rouge

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Full name: The United Provinces of Canton Rouge
Short name: Canton Rouge
Local name: United Canton Rouge Provinces


Official language(s): English, French, German, Dutch
Capital: Paris
Currency: Nova Franc
National animal: Bear
Religions: No set religion, but anyone is free to practice whatever religion they please.
Motto: "Strength through Unity, Liberty, and Equality"
National Anthem: "La Marseillaisae"
Population: 4 billion
Ethnicity: Cantorougian 100%


President: Marc Dentonine
Vice President: Lucius DeBiers

Foreign Relations


Canton Rouge prides itself on its
private sector. In fact, the major businesses dominating the private
and public sector are: Arms Manufacturing, Chocolate Production,
Furniture Manufacturing, Automobile Manufacturing, and Computer


Export Income: $5,966,214,567,834
Income from taxes: $51,230,000
Income from tourism: $145,365,000

Import costs: $40,321,467,221
Upkeep costs: $670,123,467,960

Geography and Climate

Highest point: Mont Blanc (15,781 ft.)
Lowest point: Zuidplaspolder (Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel) (-7 ft.)

Avg. summer tempurature: 85 degrees farenheit
Avg. winter tempurature: 30 degrees farenheit

climate of Canton Rouge varies throughout the nation. In the north,
where the land is flat, it can get very hot and sunny with
precipitation mainly falling in the fall and winter seasons. Towards
the center, it cools off considerably. In the south, where the mountain
ranges are located, it isn't unusual for the area to be raining in the
warmer seasons, or snowing when it is cooler.


The army of Canton Rouge is frequently known for being tactful, resourceful, and most importantly, deadly.

*Note: The values for troop counts includes necessary support personnel*

Canton Rouge Army: 9,000,000 people

Canton Rouge Airforce: 5,700,000 people

Canton Rouge Navy: 4,000,000 people


Pistol: 92FS, M9 Beretta,
Submachine Gun: MP7, MP5SD5 for Special Forces,
Assault Rifle: M16A4, G36C for Special Forces,
Shotgun: Benelli M4 Super 90
Sniper Rifle: PSG-1,
Machine Gun: M249 SAW


Transport: M35 Two Ton Truck, HMMWV,
APC: Stryker (And variants)
Support Vehicle: Bradley IFV/CFV
Armour: Challenger II Main Battle Tank


Transport: C-130 Hercules Troop Transport
Fighters: F-22 Raptor, F/A-18 Super Hornet,
Close Air Support: A-10 Thunderbolt II
Bombers: B-2 Spirit


Transport: UH-60 Blackhawk, MH-6 Littlebird in bench variant,
Attack: A-1 Super Cobra, MH-6 Littlebird in machine gun and rocket variants,


Carrier: Nimitz-Class Carrier
Destroyer: Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer
Frigates: De Zeven Provinciƫn class frigate, Type 23 frigate,
Submarine: Type 212

Forces: The Korps Commandotroepen or KCT numbers 20,000 and was formed
in 1949 in response to increasing demands for a unit that could operate
behind enemy lines. As part of the ever changing 21st century, their
main goal is to be able to perform special operations rather than hit
and run tactics. Based in Roosendaal (southwestern Netherlands), this
facility allows training for all members of the KCT.


Canton Rouge operates numerous bases, the one people know the most
about is the massive facility called LE CEITO. Located 50 miles north
of Marseille, LE CEITO is not only a training facility for all branches
of the military, but also an assembly area, headquarters, airport, etc.
While it can be considered a tempting target for any saboteur or
foreign military, LE CEITO is fiercely defended by at least two army groups at all time.

National Wonders

North Sea
Reclamation Project: The Northern part of Canton Rouge has always been
at war with the North Sea. It can flood unpredictably, and land is at a
premium. Therefore, for around 800 years, Canton Rouge has built
polders and dykes to allow land to be reclaimed, and to attempt to make
the water flow more predictable.

Brussels Town Hall: Originally
constructed between 1404 to 1420, and a smaller wing added in 1444, the
town hall stands on the famous Grand Place square of Brussels.

Eiffel Tower: Constructed in 1889, the Eiffel Tower was originally constructed for the World Fair as a testament to modern architecture. In the following years since, a broadcast tower was put on top. Since then, the Eiffel Tower is the most visited landmark in all of Paris.


January 1: New Years Day:
February 12: Day of Unification (Unification of the Cantons)
April 14: Veterans Day
June 22: Midsummer Festival
September 28: Unification of the Reich Day
December 16: Day of Remembrance
December 25: Christmas
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Canton Rouge Fact File
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