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Emprye Enclave_Symbol_%28Fallout_3%29

Name: The Enclave States of Emprye
Official language(s): English
Currency: Enclave Dollar
National animal: Mole Rat
Motto: “The Enclave Is For Everyone”

Government: Pseudo Democracy
Head of State:President John Henry Eden
Head of Government:President John Henry Eden
Ethnicities: Various
Religions: Various
Civil Rights:Some
Economy:Very Strong
Political Freedoms:Some

Foreign Relations
Sorboldistan: Dismal
Pacific States Coalition: Dismal
Canton Rouge: Weak
Protoa: Very Weak
Clampapra: Weak

Military:(given 1% rp rule) 15,060,000
500 T-96
3 Battleships
20 Frigates
10 Crovette
400 F-45 Fighters
20 B-81 Bombers
10 Tu-22 Bombers
10 Myasishchev M-4 Tanker
15 Antonov An-124

The Enclave States of Emprye is the remaining United States. After the PSC separated itself from the United States, the remaining government fell apart. Afterwards, it was John Henry Eden that established the Enclave Government to help control the states from total unrest. Its current enemies are the PSC and New California Republic, which resist the reoccupation of their nations.
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