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PostSubject: Tallsville News Network   Tallsville News Network EmptySun 19 Jul 2009 - 9:51

OOC: I thought since I'm back, and a whole lot of new legislation has been going on over the past couple days, I wanted to send this out to everyone who cared (and some who didn't). So here goes...

Welcome to Tallsville News Network (TNN). I'm your anchorman, Joel Reiky, and here's what making news, Almost 3 days ago, our mostly benevolent dictator applied, and was voted into, The WA. He had little to say, except something about world influence, but then declined further comment. Now, I go to the government representative from Some Obscure City to the South, for a listing of new legislation in the Great Hyrulian Republic of Tallsville.

Thank you Joel. Here is what was deliberated and approved in the capital over the past couple days. Nudity is now frowned upon, due to new indecency laws put into effect. Our fire department is totally government funded. We use prisoners as free blood supply for the masses. After they've donated blood a couple times, we throw them into the Tallasium, to fight hungry Tallsvillian Lynxes for free and for our amusment. Thank you, and back to you Joel.

Thank you. Due to huge budget cuts nationwide, I am now the anchorman, weatherman, and sports guy, so I guess it's time for weather. Here, the temp is 95, but that will go up later today. And for sports, yesterday convict #3785698 (they have no names anymore) went up against 13 hungry Tallsvillian Lynxs in the Tallasium, and was doing great right up until the lynxs broke his spear, then he was out of the game. For good.

Thank for tuning into TNN. All Hate Ganondorf!!!!!!!!
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