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United States Of Jonfor
United States Of Jonfor

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PostSubject: Jonfor's Urgent News Network(JUNN)   Jonfor's Urgent News Network(JUNN) EmptyThu 10 Sep 2009 - 16:10


News Reporter:Hello and welcome to JUNN!We sa ythe most urgant and important events.We have terrible news today.Anwar Agan has a hostage..and who the hostage is u ask?Why the president of Jonfor.Jacob Kerr.Lets go live to john!

john:Ughh hello, I am right now outside the building that Jacob is being held as a hostage in.SFOJ(Special Forces Of Jonfor)is right now surrounding the building.And when they will go in?We will have to ask.When are you going in , to save the president.

SFOJ guy:We dont know.Lets hope we save him!

John:Wait something is going on!The SFOJ are going in!HGUUH!I thought I just heard a gunshot.Wait I am right, as u see up there the glass just shattered when the gunshot happened.Lets hope it hit Anwar!We just got reports that they saved the president!HOO-WHOAH!When the President got saved, the building exploded.I could not belive my eyes!It just exploded right infront of my eyes!We have reports of no surivors!I belive that the president is dead.We have reports that Anwar set a bomb inside the building.This day, is a very sad day.More than 900 people died today.John, out.

News reporter:ohhhhh......The president died, very shocking.Jonfor will cry today, for the rest of the day.Well thats it folks, JUNN out.
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Jonfor's Urgent News Network(JUNN)
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