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Full Name: The Alliance of The Pacific States Coalition
Local Name: Pacific Coalition
Capital: San Diego

Population: 1 Billion

History: Following the decline of the old United States, groups from the Pacific Coast Mainland States opted to set up their own country and rule in their own manner. Despite opposition from the U.S., they were unable to prevent them from leaving, thus taking away a key manufacturing and military center. The new country proudly setting up a military dictatorship for themselves, the Pacific States Coalition is a nation that prides itself on technology, and loyalty to the state.

The twenty stars on the flag represent the twenty major cities and natural features of the nation: San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Olympia, Salem, Sacramento, Tacoma, Santa Cruz, The Redwood Forests, Puget Sound, Mojave Desert, the Cascade Mountains, the Central Valley, Sonoma Valley Wine Country, the Columbia River falls, the Willamette River region, the Hoh Rain Forest, and Yosemite National Park.

Head of state: The current Head of State is General Francis Smith, who had eliminated the previous ruler General Anthony Lincoln who was deemed to be 'soft'.


Clamparapa: Enemy
Protoa: Distrustful
Canton Rouge: Distrustful
Emprye: Sworn Enemy
Sorboldistan: Allied

Armed Forces

Adopting the techniques from the former 'United States Army', the Pacific States Coalition proudly has people from all walks of life, gender, race, etc. serving in the armed forces. A compulsory two year service is enforced for all citizens upon turning 18, with many choosing to stay with the army after their tour. This is because the vast majority of citizens of the PSC believe that war is inevitable with their neighbors, the Emprye.

- Pacific Coalition Army
- Pacific Coalition Navy
- Pacific Coalition Air Force
- Pacific Coalition Marines
- Pacific Coalition Coast Guard

Military Size

Ground Forces (Army, Marines): 8,000,000 people

Navy (Navy, Coast Guard): 250,000 people

Air Force:: 1,750,000 people


- M4A1 Carbine (assault rifle)
- Colt M1911 (pistol)
- M60E4 (machine gun)
- M24 (sniper rifle)
- Javelin missile launcher
- Remington 870 (Shotgun)
- Colt MARS (submachine gun)

Armored Vehicles

- M1 Abrams (main battle tank)
- LAV-25 (APC)


- F/A-18 Hornet
- F-4 Phantom
- C-130 Hercules
- AC-47 Spooky


- Patrol Boats (This is because of the PSC's perceived view point that the Navy is unimportant, and when the inevitable war with Emprye occurs, the PSC will simply board and commandeer their vessels).

Sub-Faction: The New California Republic

Not everyone follows the radical beliefs of the Pacific States Coalition. Out of the groups that oppose Smith's rule, the most organized group is the New California Republic, or the NCR. Operating out of small towns and valleys in the Sierra Nevadas, the NCR seeks to one day grow powerful enough to openly rebel against the PSC. But because they seek continued independence, they are at odds with Emprye as well.

Military All 5,000 people who pledge allegiance to the NCR have some sort of combat training, whether it is just a couple hours of training, or having spent years out in the field. Despite this, armaments are lacking as weapons are either produced by the individuals themselves or stolen from supply bases.
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Pacific States Coalition Factfile
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