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PostSubject: Hyrule Member Updates   Hyrule Member Updates EmptyTue 4 Aug 2009 - 10:18

An effort to help have more people join the forums to increase the activity we already have, thus making our region that much better.

I will post the updates that I make here, and hopefully send one out every month. I will also make a post saying when al member nations have recieved the last update so that we know who has gotton what and when.

This is the first update, but it is subject to be changed and edited by SM before being sent out.

Dear Member of Hyrule,
There is a lot of activity happening within Hyrule, so we wanted to give you an update so you wouldn’t be left out! Currently, there have been changes to

1.The Government and Constitution
2.The RolePlay and Dodecahedron
3.The Forums themselves and their new features

The Government and Constitution are currently being remade, and we would like to have your opinion on the matter. We are deciding what Hyrule will be, (Confederation/Republic ect) and when the election times will be, as well as many of the official symbols of Hyrule. Please register on the forums and give us your opinion! We cant wait any longer and we would love to hear it!

In the RolePlay World of Hyrule, a lot of activity is occurring. Now Is one of the best times to join and get involved as everything is starting from scratch, so everyone has the same power/opportunity as everyone else no matter how old/young big/small your nation is. There is a thread titled, “The Coronation” where many world leaders have met with King Gavin the II of The Kingdom of Metz to begin trade and diplomacy. If you want to get your nation started feel free to join in! There are other threads too such as “Battle on The Borderlands” where a rebel leader is sacking remote villages and needs to be stopped. Perhaps you can answer their call to aid!?!

Also, the forums have been remade and have many new features that make them a lot of fun and better than other regions. We are currently experiencing with a ‘Blog’ style format which may lead to a new way of creating embassies an updates for other regions. We also have “reputation” where you can give fellow members a +/- and allow them to gain reputation for posts that you like or remove it if you think they can do a better job. Our forums have also created a Chatroom where you and other members can get together and easily communicate to eachother, creating a better and more friendly community enviromment.

This is an update on what’s going on within Hyrule and on the forums. If you are at all interested or intrigued, please join the forums and help us out! We can sure use it! Also, remember to endorse our WA Delegate South Malaysia to help protect the region from being raided and (long story short) having everyone banned from the region. If you would like to join in on the RolePlay, help become a part of Hyrules history and assist with the creation of our constitution, or start making your nation known in the RolePlay section, then join the forums today! Here’s the link:

All you have to do is register with your nation name and then you will have access to a whole great, fun and new world you never knew existed!
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Hyrule Member Updates
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