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PostSubject: OOC:Hyrule at War   OOC:Hyrule at War EmptySun 6 Dec 2009 - 18:44

Hey I've been thinking.You all heard of world war I & II .How about we have our own huge conflict , both sides fighting for land , or any other means.
I mean it would be quite cool.We make two sides and then u pick on which side u wanna go on.Then this other idea hit me.One person shall volunteer to follow all the events , all the battles , and then write them down in a diffrent topic.
The actual RP:
Sam and his squad walked through the destroyed city , feeling scared.
The enemy could be anywhere.
Suddenly he got shot , and screamed "Ambush!"
The men fough bravely and fought off the hostile forces.They lost 5 men and got 10 men left.
They kept going.

Now the history:
The squad marched through Cinebrook City led by Sam Jackson.
Soon they were ambushed and alot of lives were lost.
Sam lost half of his men.Still they moved on.

so let me know if u wanna do it.
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OOC:Hyrule at War
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