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PostSubject: Tour de Hyrule   Tour de Hyrule EmptyTue 28 Jul 2009 - 15:45

"You're watching a special presentation on Hyrule Sports Network."


"For over 100 years, a three week event takes place all throughout Hyrule. For over 4000 km, many cyclists take part in the epic Tour de Hyrule. Now, the next running is about to begin, and the question on everyone's mind is, who will win? Who will wear the yellow jersey in Paris? Stay tuned!"

*Cue theme music*

"And welcome to Fourside, Capital of Ness Snorlaxia for the Individual Time Trial. I'm Eric Simmons, and reporting alongside me is Michael McDonald. Michael, today begins three weeks of epic riding. Your thoughts?"

"No matter who wins, this Tour will challenge even the most determined riders. And from the looks of it, the first rider is about to leave the starthouse. It appears to be Elron Mazan of the Delta Aqua Team. And off he goes, with an ok start. He's not in it to win, but rather to finish the tour. And the crowds are cheering him on as he pedals through the course."

"And as we follow him along, it appears the next rider has set off. This one is Fumi Yakiro of Nang Tin Da, a predominently Oriental team. Fumi seems to have gotten a better start than Elron, but only time will tell if he gets a better time overall. And meanwhile, the third rider, Brazha Alka of the Desert Sands Team is about to start his run. But looking back towards Elron, he's made his way past the first kilometer, still looking at an alright run, but not something that would be celebratory."

"Yes, and the fourth rider is coming up, Rufus Kitchny of the Tallsvillian Bike Team. He's looking to place well in the young rider competition, but there are plenty of other riders out there who also want it as well. And as he exits the starthouse, he is practically flying. He may set the best time, until the big name riders show up."

"Now turning back to Elron, he's made it through the Grand Park, and is now riding through to the Presidential Palace. He'll want to be careful though, as once he makes it through there, then the technical part of the course begins, and he is not much of a technical rider. Therefore, he needs to get as much time as possible on the long straights here in the first half."

"While we were focusing on Elron, two other riders have departed. Eric Cabar of Team Omega and Roland Ozwell of Jülicher-Victoria. Both are serious contenders for the young rider competition, but only Ozwell shows at the moment the strengths needed to contend for the yellow jersey. And now, it is commercial break time, so we'll get back to you in a moment."

*Commercial break*

"And welcome back. During the break, Elron had a bit of a mishap regarding a puddle in the road, so he will lose even more time. And as he crosses the time check at the Presidential Palace, we see he has a time of 13 minutes and 4 seconds. This already will not go well for him."

"Meanwhile, let's focus on Roland Ozwell. He has just made it through the park, and he's already catching up to Eric Cabar. Right now, the time gap between them is 40 seconds, which is a lot, considering each of them started a minute apart. And Roland is just cruising along at his own pace, and if we calculate correctly, he'll pass Cabar by the time they both reace the Palace."


OOC: This is very tedious. You all want results. So here are the results. I'll try to do more detail on the other stages. And I'll only show results for the top 10. This is way tedious...


1. Jörg Plöch 18 minutes 50 seconds
2. Marco Manzatti + 0.02
3. Adolf Eiger + 0.47
4. Eric Cabar + 0.55
5. Roland Ozwell + 0.56
6. Rosy Makavige + 0.56
7. Jacques Rocher + 0.56
8. Fumi Yakiro + 0.56
9. Robert McClaggin + 0.59
10. Nicolaus Clauser + 1.05
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Tour de Hyrule
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