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PostSubject: Tour de Hyrule Pre Race Show   Tour de Hyrule Pre Race Show EmptyMon 27 Jul 2009 - 12:20

OOC: Before every stage, I'll be posting here to talk about the upcoming stage in the Tour. Also, it'll be where predictions for the stage winner, who will do well, etc. will go. And if you have anything to add on here as well about your rider, squad, etc. It should go here as well, or in the Post Race post. Anywho....


"Annually for over 100 years, it has been a common event to have some of the world's best cyclists partake in what many have described as 'Three Weeks of Hell'. They come from everywhere in Hyrule, and are specialized in all sorts of disciplines, and to them, this is the greatest race ever."

"From rolling plains to the highest peak, this race will challenge the riders all over. 189 will start the race, but there is no telling how many will finish it. They will be pushed to their limit every day. Many will think about quitting. But they still push in, for the greatest honor for them will be riding their bike into Paris, as it signifies they have survived everything the course has thrown at them."

"Now, join us as we follow the riders from start to finish. This is the Tour de Hyrule!"

*Cue theme music (theme music used for Versus' coverage of the Tour de France)*

"And welcome to the Ness Snorlaxian capital of Fourside, as we bring you the Tour Pre Race show. I'm Eric Simmons, and alongside me is veteran commentator Michael McDonald. We'll be joining Joe Blimm and Jacqueline Smith later on in the show. First off, despite it only being an Individual Time Trial, this is really an important stage, why is that Michael?"

"In an individual time trial, it's two battles the riders fight. You against the clock, and you against the times of all the other riders. If you don't do well here, then you'll already be in a disadvantage for the entire Tour. And you'll see that your General Classification contendors with the exception of one or two will place high up here today."

"Agreed. And the course today generally will only favor a sprinter for the first half of the course. The second half is more twisty, but at the last 500 meters, it does straighten out for a nice sprint finish."

"And you have to understand, the sprinters have to do well here, because once we get into the mountains, they'll start to suffer horrendously. But time trialist specialists also cannot be counted out here."

"So what's the big story here for this tour?"

"In my opinion, it's the stellar team coming from Jülicher-Victoria. Veteran rider Jörg Plöch will be riding his 13th tour, and he's looking to once again win the Tour for the second time in a row. But he'll be facing fierce competition from teammate Roland Ozwell. Although this is his first tour, he's shown that he can climb well, as seen in the Four Peaks Tour."

"And let's not forget sprinter Robert McClaggin of Tallsvillian Bike Team. He managed to win the sprint competition last time here, and I think he'll be aiming for another Green Jersey."

"Well, let's take a break, and afterwards, we'll join up with our other two commentators."

*Commercial break*

"And welcome back. We've joined Joe Blimm and Jacqueline Smith to talk about the stage for today and what they think is the big story in the Tour. First off, what's special about this year, Joe?"

"The next to last stage. Never in Tour history has there been a mountaintop finish so close to the end of the Tour. Because of this, we really won't know who will wear the Maillot Jaune in Paris until the last day."

"And you, Jacqueline?"

"Nobody has said this, so I'd like to point out how all the teams are really doing their all to cut doping. The last few years have really given the Tour a bad reputation, and seeing the teams have more drug tests, stricter rules, etc. really show that they are not going to aceept doping anymore."

"All good points. Now, let's look at today's stage. It's only 15 km, but it will really be an exciting stage. They start near the Grand Park, and rider around it, then turn off and head for the Presidential Palace. Once there, they turn into the twisty section of Downtown Fourside before finishing at the Plaza of Ness."

"And with no hills, everyone will be going flat out it seems."

"Yes. Well, that's our pre race show. Tune in for today's stage coverage coming up."
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Tour de Hyrule Pre Race Show
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