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 How to Recruit! (Guide two)

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How to Recruit! (Guide two) Empty
PostSubject: How to Recruit! (Guide two)   How to Recruit! (Guide two) EmptySat 11 Jul 2009 - 1:27

How to go about Recruiting!!

Under NS rules, we can recruit nations from Pacific feeder regions, Lazarus or the Rejected Realms. The Pacific feeders include: The West Pacific, The Pacific, The North Pacific, The South Pacific and The East Pacific. It is important to key/type these in exactly as they are keyed/typed here because there are regions with similar names.

In both Lazarus and The Rejected Realms, recruiting can only be done by posting a message on the regional message board, which means leaving this region, moving to one of those regions, posting your message, and then moving back here. Leaving the region and returning affects your regional influence, and as a general rule, recruiting from the regional message board is not nearly as effective as recruiting by telegram. In general, most of the nations in Lazarus have been reincarnated there because they have been allowed to "die" off, or have been moved there because their creator is on "vacation". As for the Rejected Realms, many of the nations have been banned and ejected from other regions. It is probably best if we do not look there for a new source of member nations.

Before starting, I open Word to save the time of writing down the names of the nations I've sent TG's to, and so that when I'm done, I can simply copy and paste the list of nations into the "Regional Recruitment Guide and List" thread. In other words, make life as easy as possible. I'm going to make these instructions as simple-minded as possible, so I hope that no one will take offense. Please feel free to PM me and yell if you do!

Step 1

Copy the Recruitment telegram onto your clipboard.

Step 2

Go to the "Recruiting Lists" thread, and post that you are recruiting. This lets everyone else know that someone else is already out there. Under NS rules, only one TG can be sent to a nation by a particular region. If more than one is sent, the nation may report the recruiter and/or the region to the NS moderators. If you see that someone else is already out there, under threat of Ness Snorlaxia biting you, don't go out there until that person has returned! Even then, check the list of nations that they've recruited very carefully.

Step 3

Go to your nation's main page, and click on the WORLD tab on the left side. Scroll down until you find the section that asks you to find either a nation or a region. Enter the name of one of the feeders in the blank, and click on Region. This will bring you to the feeder's Regional Information Board.

Step 4

Scroll down until you find "Regional Happenings". Look for nations that have just been founded and that have not yet moved elsewhere. Click on the nation's name which will take you to it's main page, paste (Ctrl V) the Recruiting Telegram into the spot for a TG, and then key/type in the nation's name in the spots where it belongs, and your nation's name at the end of the TG. If there is an opportunity to make a personal comment, do so, but don't force it. Watch the avatars. Many of the flags from obscure places like the Marshall Islands are quite beautiful and look unique, but they're not.

Step 5

Hit "Back" twice on your browser. This will bring you back to whatever feeder region you were in. Repeat Step 4 until you've sent TG's to all available nations in that region. Please: Watch for obscene or rude names, motto's, animals or currency. The mods will end up deleting any nations with obscenities in their names or motto's, much as the individual who created the nation thinks s/he might have disguised it. Key the names of the nations you've sent recruiting TG's to into your word processor, or write them down.

Step 6

Once you've TG'd every nation in the region, hit "Back" once more, followed by return. This lets you pick up any nations that may have been founded in the same region during the last few minutes. Make sure that you record the nations' names.

Step 7

Hit "Back" once more, and change the name of the feeder. Hit return.

Step 8

Repeat Steps 1 through 7.

You may go through the feeders as often as you wish. Good recruiting times seem to be afternoons or evenings EST.

Step 9

Once you're done, go back to the "Recruiting Lists" thread and edit it by adding in the names of the nations to which you've sent recruiting TG's.

Step 10

Should you receive any TG's from nations you've sent TG's to, please answer them or refer them to me. If, by some horrible chance, you end up with someone swearing at you, DO NOT DELETE THE TG. Let Ness Snorlaxia know by PM right away, and I'll give you further instructions on what to do from there. The odds of this happening are incredibly slim! It's usually me who gets the nasty ones.
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How to Recruit! (Guide two)
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