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Baba Yetu
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Baba Yetu

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The People's Republic of Baba Yetu
Short name: Baba Yetu
Demonym: Baba Yetuians

Official language(s): English, Swahili
Other language(s): Afrikaans, French
Capital: Amina
Currency: Sid
National animal: Barbarian Wolf
Motto: "In Meier We Trust"
National Anthem: "Baba Yetu"
Interior divisions: Five Prefectures, each containing various cities, towns, and villages

Executive body: Presidency
President: Alexa Kelley
Election Process: Every 5 years, each prefecture holds a vote. A candidate must win at least 3 of the 5 prefectures, otherwise, the lowest vote-getter is eliminated and the election re-run.

Legislative body: Unicameral "House of Delegates" (100 members)
Delegate Selection: Each Prefecture has an internal Assembly of Delegates amounting to two delegates per district, with each internal district containing approximately 1000 citizens. These assemblies meet weekly to decide prefectorial issues. Delegates are not paid, and one cannot make a career out of being a delegate. Instead, delegates are elected volunteers. It is considered an honor to be elected to a delegate position. Monthly the Baba Yetuian House of Delegates convenes. Twenty delegates are chosen from each Prefecture's Assembly to represent that Prefecture, and flown out to the capital of Amina to decide national issues.

District: about 1000 people; send 2 delegates to the Prefectorial Assembly.
Prefectures: Each select 20 members of their Assembly to send to the Baba Yetuian House of Delegates.

Judicial body: Baba Yetuian Courts


History: Baba Yetu covers the territory previously held by two indigenous tribes, the Baba and the Yetu. When Western settlers arrived from some long-forgotten nation, they landed at Port Caravel and began to make a home. The warlike Yetuians did not appreciate these invaders, and so began raiding Port Caravel on a weekly basis. Unfortunately for them, the Caravelians technologically outmatched them and while Yetu's longbowmen had a few victories over the Caravelian Musketeers, the Caravelians eventually conquered the Yetuian capital to the south and renamed it Victory.

A more northern tribe, the Babas, had had strained relationships with the Yetuians in the past yet refused to stand for the Caravelians' interference. They raided Port Caravel and Caravelian strongholds in Victory for many years before a great Caravelian peacemaker, Sid Meier, negotiated first a peace treaty and then the creation of Baba Yetu, a nation where all men and women would be free of the opression that plagued their nation and nations across the globe. Every voice would be heard, whether Baba, Yetuian, or Caravelian. Each culture borrowed bits from the other, but they still maintain a cultural identity- which is why still, to this day, you can see the magnificent Festival of Lights in Victory, or grab a steaming bowl of crab-and-sturgeon soup from any street vendor in Anima.
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Baba Yetu
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