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PostSubject: Baba Yetu, Yetu Uliye   Baba Yetu, Yetu Uliye EmptyMon 10 Aug 2009 - 11:25

Mbinguni yetu, yetu, amina! Welcome to Baba Yetu's #1 news network, BYNN! I'm your anchor, Ramla Ba. Let's see what's going on around Baba Yetu tonight!

--theme music, BYNN News Tonight graphic--

RAMLA: Our top story tonight- Baseball! It's as Baba Yetuian as mom's barbarian wolf cakes, but the nation's stadiums are few and far between. A bill introduced in the House of Delegates yesterday calls on the government to provide funds for more large fields and national venues, but is receiving weak support from the populace. We go to Kate with the report. Kate?

KATE: Hi Ramla, as you can see behind me, these picketers are clearly not in favor of spending tax dollars on stadiums. Sir, sir! Why are you protesting?

GUY: Gov'ment should be huntin' down them hoodlums what stole mah tow-maters, spen' the money on more po-lice!

KATE: Uh, thanks. Back to you, Ramla!

RAMLA: Thanks, Kate. Clearly a contentious issue. But now for sports, with Sportin' Kent. Kent? How're the scores today?

KENT: Well, the Baba Baseball League is gettin' pretty tight, with the Archers over the Warriors 5-2 today, great catch by Mbawe right there! That puts the Warriors, Archers, and Musketeers neck and neck going into the last two months here- it's really anybody's league, folks! Back to you, Ramla.

RAMLA: Thanks, Kent. When we come back, should youth be under a curfew? We're got Your Community Responses next. Stick with us!
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Baba Yetu, Yetu Uliye
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