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Rapture Empire of Protoa 450px-Germany-Jack-1867.svg
Conventional Long Name:Rapture Empire of Protoa
Official language(s): English, Protossian, German
Capital: Rapture
Currency: Rapture Dollar
National animal: Splicer
Motto: Freedom and Unity For Rapture
National Anthem: Das Lied der Deutschen
Religions: Emperorism
Ethnicities: German, Protossian
Geography and Climate
Nation's Climate: Temperate
Population(as current): 4,916,000,000

Head of State: Emperor Saiedion Lucian
Head of Government: Emperor Saiedion Lucian, Prime Minister Ace Lucian
Legislative Branch: Rapture Imperial Senate

Political Leaders
Head of State: Emperor Saiedion Lucian
Head of Government: Emperor Saiedion Lucian, Prime Minister Ace Lucian Rapture Imperial Senate(elected by popular vote from the People)
Type of Government: Constitutional Empire
Government: Semi-Democratic Empire

Leaders that have been in office:
Saiedion Lucian: Emperor (?*-Present)
Spades Archon (Overthrew and Assasinated By Saiedion Lucian)
Charles And Willam (Overthrew (Charles died of injury due to
insurgency William imprisoned)
Charles Faust: Killed in Imperium/Rapture Civil War of 2009
*actual age of Saiedion Lucian never discovered. In 2100, believed to be chronologically 115, but physically 24.

Major Industries: Oil Production, Uranium/Coal/Gold Mining, Computer Manufacturing, Fishing, Automobile Manufacturing, Aerospace Manufacturing and Engineering, Armanments,Nuclear Technology, Steel, Robot Manufacturing, Medical Technology, Uranium Mining, Tourism
Income Tax: 100%
Worker Enthusiam: 99.8%
Government Efficiency: 93%
Consumer Confidence: 92%
Unemployment: 5%

National Imports: Titanium, Boron
National Exports: Technology,Lead/Quartz/Gold, Oil, Coal, Uranium, Weapons, High Grade Genetic Materials

Domestic Stats
Government Category: Constitutional Empire
Government Priority: Defense and Protection of Interests
Economic Rating: Powerhouse
Civil Rights Rating: Average
Political Freedoms: Average
Income Tax Rate: 100%
Major Industry: Uranium Mining
National Animal: Splicer
National Currency: Rapture Dollar

Economy Stats:
Exchange Rate: 1.0229 Rapture Dollars = $1
Gross Domestic Product: $75,922,376,467,903.98
GDP Per Capita: $15,443.93
Unemployment Rate: 5.77%
Consumption: $0.00
Government Budget: $90,017,072,640,000.02
Government Expenditures: $72,013,658,112,000.02
Goverment Surplus: $18,003,414,528,000.00
Exports: $12,733,921,555,903.96
Imports: $8,825,203,200,000.00
Trade Surplus: $3,908,718,355,903.96

Government Spending:
Administration: $5,761,092,648,960.00 8%
Social Welfare: $1,440,273,162,240.00 2%
Healthcare: $4,320,819,486,720.00 6%
Education: $6,481,229,230,080.00 9%
Religion & Spirituality: $0.00 0%
Defence: $28,805,463,244,800.01 40%
Law & Order: $18,003,414,528,000.01 25%
Commerce: $2,160,409,743,360.00 3%
Public Transport: $4,320,819,486,720.00 6%
The Environment: $0.00 0%
Social Equality: $0.00 0%

Foreign Relations:
Incredibly Strong:
Strongest Relation Achieved
Very Strong: Strong Relations with Potential to Increase after time
Strong: Very Good Relationship
Neutral: No Relation Stance or Stance not established
Weak: Poor Relations
Very Weak: Very Poor Relations Bordering on Sanctions, Blockade, and/or War
Enemy: Lowest Relation Achieved- Either went to War, Terrorism, Espionage or Dismal Foreign Relationship. * denotes nations are currently at war.

Hyrule Foreign Relations:
Clamparapa: Incredibly Strong
Canton Rouge: Incredibly Strong
Sir Metz: Neutral
Ness Snorlaxia:Neutral
Roman Empire of Porcu: Neutral
Sorboldistan: Very Weak (Priority DEFCON 3)
Emprye: Very Weak (Priority DEFCON 2)

Global Initiative Directorate
United States of Jonfor: Very Strong
Zionir: Very Strong
Cartaria: Very Strong

Military:(given 1.5% rp rule)73,740,000

6,500 Leopard 2A6
5,000 M808B Scorpion Main Battle Tank
5,500 "Goliath" Apu units
7,000 M12 LRV Warthogs
1,000 RP-1 THOR Heavy-assault Mech
30,000 Support Trucks

55 Nimitz-class Carriers
155 Tarawa-Class Assault Boats
35 Ohio Class Submarines
50 Seawolf Class Submarines
55 Ticonderoga-class Cruisers
55 Arleigh Burke class destroyers

50 BB-61 Class Battleships

1 Immolator Class Battleship coded named "Violator II"
100,000 tonnage, 45 50mm guns , 35 antiaircraft guns (Protoan Flagship) 7,054 ft long

8,500 F-22 Raptors
5,500 F-45 Talon Deep Infiltration Fighters
2,00 FB-22 Strike Raptor Bombers
1,000 B-2 Spirit Bombers
2,000 A-10 ThunderBolt
1,800 Longbow Apache Attack Helicopters
200 C-130s
200 AC-130s
200 KC-135s
Arms: (standard)
BR55HB SR Battle Rifle
Standard Bolter RG-75 75 Caliber
Heavy Bolter RG-100 100 Caliber
Penetrator RP-10 10mm Spike
M-22 BattleRifle
G36 Assault Rifle
Storm Bolter
Bolter RGP-55 55 Caliber
Desert Eagle (side arm)
Glock G22
Glock 18C
Sniper Rifles
50 cal Sniper Rifle

3,700 Howitzer Artillery
5,500 Metal Storm Moblile Units

Newest Weapons:
TXR-3600 (Scrambler)
Metal Storm Artillery

Specialized Weapons:
Nuclear Weapons: 55,000
B61 nuclear bomb, Mark 17, Mark 24, B83, common ICBMs
Biological Weapons: 65,000
(Chimeara, Boleriform,anthrax, brucellosis, botulism toxin, etc),
Chemical Weapons: 100,000
(Sarin, Radon, VX, Cyanogen chloride (CK), Soman (GD), Agent 15 (BZ)

Famous Generals or Members of Rapture History
General Saren- 1946-Present (2100-still alive by gene therapy)(Expansive war archives-saw major recognition on the world stage in Chang Lung War)
General Sig Naia-1990-Present (Various expeditions and war experience)
General Xum: 1921-2008 (Natural Causes


Fall of European Union and Ascension of Protoa (2000-present)

Following massive economic collapse and general unrest in Europe, the European Union began to fall apart. As nations from all across the world went to war, leaders suddenly found that their nations were no longer under their control. Europe began to have no lines drawn for borders no longer. Eventually, the Roman Empire of Porcu began to appear, and then a new face shown itself. Lord Saiedion Lucian declared himself Dictator of a Communist nation in Europe, where the remanants of Germany remained. He would soon rise to power and begin talks with the ESTO, which was formed by the French Confederation, Clampapra, and Spain. The ESTO would soon falter and fall apart with the departure of the nation French Confederation and would bring the Soviet Confederation into perspective. It was headed by Lord Lucian, with The Buhayin and the nation of Nakarak. The economies of Protoa, Buhayin, and Nakarak suffered so greatly, that Lucian decreed that Protoa would be changing it's government to a totalitarian state. He took the name of Kaiser, paving the way for a new German Empire, now with the name Protoa. He brought his territories together to make the United Reich of Protoa.

Soon after, he consulted with Marcus Theafer of Clampapra and formed the Central Powers Alliance. Nakarak, The Buhayin, Canton Rouge, and Zionir would soon join. Canton Rouge and Zionir would soon be the Reich States of Protoa. Not entirely governed by Protoa, rather like Vichy France. It was not until recently that Zionir began to fall apart, and Kaiser Lucian dissolved the nation and annexed it into the Reich.

The Fourth Reich

As the nation begins to search for new Lebensraum, it has crossed paths with The United States of Robengrad, and averted a possible and tragic nuclear war. Soon after a rise of a new Fuhrer came to power, which led to numerous nations alienating themselves from Protoa. However, the capture/false death of Saiedion Lucian, set the path for his sons, Charles Hans Lucian and William Manfred Lucian. Charles Lucian decreed that he would become Emperor in a Fascist Regime. William Manfred Lucian would become head of the Imperial Senate. The Fourth Reich seemed to loom in every aspect of Hyrule. Fooling the world to thinking that Saiedion Lucian was dead, they began a reign of terror that would be cut short when Saiedion escaped and was rescued by a Canton Rouge strike team. With there help, they were able to liberate Protoa and set up the Imperial Empire of Protoa in a Constitutional Monarchy.

A New Age

Most recently the nation of Protoa fell out of the spotlight and was inwardly involved, not much of data can be retrieved, Emperor Saiedion Lucian is the head of government and even religion, appearing to be known as the God Emperor. After years of isolation and internal rifts, the Protoa has finally appeared on the superpower stage again. The Imperium seemed to disappear from the creation of the Imperium of Protoa and the Emperor Charles Faust. The creation of the city of Rapture from the leader in exile, Saiedion Lucian, was seen to be as the most technologically advanced of it's time. From the advents of the newest Technology and the applications of the gene splice. A material known as ADAM-extracted from a sea slug, and EVE-the extractor applicator, advanced the science of people living longer, be stronger, and generally more advanced than most humans. These humans were known as Terrans. As the Terrans increased their useage and their inherent power increased, the Imperium began to take interest in the city state. When the vast amount of the population of the Imperium was invited to join Rapture and proclaim a new nation, a civil war broke out. The war nearly decimated the ADAM and EVE supplies, almost destroying every entire Terran force. The Imperium troops made a fatal mistake though, they also began to use ADAM. The near total destruction of ADAM forced a major pyhrric victory for the Rapture Empire. Charles Faust was killed by his own forces, but Saiedion Lucian still lived on. However, the Rapture Empire was to take over a destroyed landscape.

Wars Protoa Has Been Involved In
Chang Lung War
Robengrad/Protoa War
Clampapra Civil War
Roman Empire Civil War
Robengrad/Protoa War
Canton Rouge/Robengrad War
Protoa/Canton Rouge/Sorboldistan/Pacific States Coalition War
Wars Rapture Empire Has Been Involved In
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Rapture Empire of Protoa
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