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The ______ of Hyrule (Pick Your Fav 2)
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Angelically Illuminated..Region (c Krits post)
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United States
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PostSubject: Preamble / Article I Draft & Poll   Preamble / Article I Draft & Poll EmptyTue 18 Aug 2009 - 1:06

PREAMBLE: A Confederation between States

We, the nations of the [SOMETHING] of Hyrule, in order to form a confederacy of sovereign nations, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and the guaranteeing of liberty among nations, do hereby ordain and establish this Regional Constitution of the [SOMETHING] of Hyrule.

ARTICLE 1: The Executive

Section 1: The Role and Responsibilities of the Founder

1.1 The Regional Founder is the Founder, Mega Mindy, and Queen of Hyrule.
1.2.1 The Founder is a main forum administrator. This shall include, but is not limited to, creating forums, and adding/fixing code.
1.2.3 The Founder may run for one position in the regional government.
1.2.3 The Founder is the protector and adviser to the Region of Hyrule.

Section 2: Duties and Positions of the Regional Cabinet

2.1 The Regional Cabinet is responsible for implementing certain regional programs and moderating certain forums.

2.2 The Regional Cabinet shall consist of the Delegate, who shall be regarded as the Head of State, Prime Minister, who shall be regarded as the Head of Government, and Ministers with the following portfolios: Immigration, Foreign Affairs; the Ministry of Justice is outlined in Article III: The Judicial Branch.

Section 3: Electing Cabinet Members

3.1 Elections for the regional cabinet shall take place on the twentieth day of the months February, May, August, and November.

3.2 To be eligible to run for a position, one must have been registered on the Hyrule forums for one month or more, and have made a minimum of 10 posts.

3.2.1 To run for Delegate, one must have been registered on the forums and region for six months or have served in the regional cabinet in a past term.

3.3 To run, a candidate must announce his or her intent to run for a
specified position in the main election thread of the election forum
on the tenth of each election month.

3.4 Elections for the specific positions of the regional cabinet will begin on the thirteenth of each Election month. After beginning, elections will
run for five days. When the five days are over, the person with the
most votes will be the person appointed to the certain cabinet

3.5 If most votes are abstenations, the vote will be counted as no vote, and the nomination and election process will begin again as outlined earlier in this article.

Section 4: Powers of the Ministers

4.1 The ministers, when elected, have the power to do the following:

4.1.1 Moderate the forum(s) which the minister is assigned to moderate

4.1.2 Advertise the forum(s) which the minister moderates to new nations and encourage people to take part in events or programs regarding their

4.1.3 Appoint a deputy minister, who would help the main minister moderate his or her forum.

4.1.4 Lock topics within the forum(s) they moderate.

4.2 Unless called upon by another minister, a minister is not to moderate or lock topics in any forum he or she does not moderate.

4.3 A minister is not to declare a vote null and void.

Section 5: Minister Inactivity

5.1 If a minister is inactive for 25 days without prior notification of reason to be inactive, the Prime Minister, or Delegate if Prime Minister is unavailable, shall post a message announcing to the general population that the minister has been relieved of his or her duties.

5.2 Elections for that cabinet position would be held; the process of nomination and voting being the same as for the major elections.

Section 6: Positions in the Regional Cabinet

6.1 Prime Minister

6.1.1 The Prime Ministe is the Head of Government.

6.1.2 The Prime Minister has the power to moderate all the forums moderated by a minister if asked by one of the ministers, along with all other forums not mentioned in this document.

6.1.3 The Prime Minister manages the Regional Cabinet and helps in all aspects of operation if a ministry is understaffed.

6.2 Delegate

6.2.1 The Delegate is responsible for voting on World Assembly resolutions and being regional Head of State.

6.2.2 The Delegate is to create a voting thread regarding the WA resolution in quorum which all citizens of Hyrule, regardless of WA affiliation, may vote on. The Delegate will then cast his/her vote according to the will of the citizens.

6.2.3 The Delegate will also have access to regional control. The Delegate may edit the World Factbook Entry and is allowed to turn off regional control for Delegates.

6.2.4 The
Delegate may only eject nations with permission of the Prime Minister, Founder, or Minister of Justice, if the Founder and Prime Minister are both away. Ejections must abide by the Ejection Rules.

6.3 Ministry of Immigration

6.3.1 The minister of immigration is to recruit new nations to the region, and is required to recruit at least 15 nations a day or 130 nations per

6.3.2 The MoI is to encourage other nations to help recruit.

6.3.3 The MoI is to send out a welcome telegram to all new nations who arrive to the region.

6.3.4 The MoI is to make a list of all nations who have not logged on to NationStates within 15 days, and post the list to inform everyone of which nations are about to die out. They should also show which nations no longer exist if possible.

6.3.5 The MoI is responsible for keeping an up-to-date “Welcome telegram” and “Recruiting Telegram”.

The MoI is responsible for making sure that the ‘deputies’ appointed are doing their job assigned by the MoI.

6.3.7 In order to become a MoI, a nation must have helped to recruit, or have helped the MoI as deputy. This is to help with involvement within the
Immigration Department, and to make sure that the new MoI is able to
do their duties with or without the help or a deputy.

6.4 Ministry of Foreign Affairs

6.4.1 The Minister of Foreign Affairs is responsible for all foreign affairs of

6.4.2 The MoFA is allowed to discuss the possibility of going out and requesting embassies with other regions.

6.4.3 The MoFA is to encourage others to join the Hyrule Ambassador Team, which makes sure updates get out to other regions. The MoFA is
responsible for making sure the ambassadors are active and is allowed
to remove someone from the team for inactivity.

6.4.4 The MoFA is to make a list of all embassies and ambassadors with

6.4.5 The MoFA is to create a regional update, in which all nations may participate in the creation of said update. The update is required to be ready within one week of the topic's posting date.


Revised Draft. We will still be using Lets fill in the blank! to fill in the blanks as we go but place make suggestions for this part here.

ALSO: We need to redevelop our election terms. I think having a "deadzone" extension is a good idea. But I think that's all we have to do is tweak the election months a little.

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Preamble / Article I Draft & Poll
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