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Great AngloChinaLand

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The United Kingdom of Great AngloChinaLand
Short name: What short name? Use my full honorific, damn you! (just kidding, but seriously just call me ACL)
Local name: Haven

Official language(s): English, Chinese
Other language(s): Russian, French, Japanese
Capital: Beijingdon
Currency: Pound
National animal: Mallard
Motto: Money and Power
National Anthem: Stolen from the British:

God save our great MK
Long live out great MK
God save MK....
Send him victorious!
Happy and glourious!
Long to reign over us,
God Save MK!

Prime Leader - MK
1. Prime Leader - he rules all that he sees!
2. General - only 3 generals are appointed at one time - a General of the economy, of the military and of the state.
3. Party Member - the 16 delegates chosen from the senate to represent the country in direct conversation with the Generals and the PL
4. Senatorial Delegate - Form the Congress, which takes suggestions from the Parliament and proposes them to the 16 party members. Elected by the Outer Party, who exist solely for this purpose. 101 permanent members, to ensure there is always a first time outcome - they can only vote for and against a measure
5. Outer Party - The largest of the groups, these people are solely picked from the Common Citizens through random ballot, every 5 years, to re-elect the Senate.
6. Members of Parliament - Generally considered above the outer party, the Parliament is where the Common Citizens can have their say to someone in authority. MPs number 2000, and work in Parliament taking complaints and suggestions from every other citizen in the country.
7. Common citizens - Plebs
What society? Seriously though, ACL frowns upon overdependence on society and culture
Ethnicities: English, Chinese, Russian
Religions: Christianity

Details about the economy of ACL are limited, but the following information has been leaked:
ACL relies largely on its uranium mining, which is sold for high prices on open markets to nuclear capable nations for a hefty profit. Most spending is divided into expanding the commerce of the nation. Then it is spent on maintaining the police force, who have many in their ranks and are equipped to fight even armed forces (useful, really). But the military is where its at - every citizen in ACL can be called upon to fight (within reason) and there is enough cash going around to fund them all.

Geography and Climate
ACL is located in a flatland region, with many fertile farms dotted near the Great Thames, the country's central river. To the south and east are vast oceans, and to the north a natural defensive line of mountains.
Highest point: M Mount K - 9342 ft
Lowest point: M Swamp K - -365 ft

(A note about naming - the foremost in any category is preceded by M and ended by K, in deference to our leader)

Avg. summer tempurature: 27 degrees C
Avg. winter tempurature: 3 degrees C

ACL was formed when remnant colonists from England and China were ejected from their respective states. Finding a common purpose, they founded ACL, and welcomed in Russian citizens from their northern borders. Russia is currently being considered for official recognition in the country's name
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The United Kingdom of Great AngloChinaLand
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