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PostSubject: Making a Menace   Making a Menace EmptyMon 3 Aug 2009 - 16:35

(OOC: This is more of a story than an RP. I decided to do this to introduce ‘Hidden Crossing’ to Hyrule and be able to start using the pirates. I hope you find it to be a good read at the least. I will warn you that there is mature language, please do not take offense. If you find it offensive please let me know and we can work something out. If you would like to try to fit a post in here and there, go for it, however I may ask that you delete it should it affect what i have already written.)

The sun is beating down on everything in sight. It’s so hot the trees have to be sweating. The guards stood amongst us, barking orders to keep working. It is too hot to work. We have to have been here for around 4 hours at the least, and we still have four more miles to go. So much trash, so much to clean up. Why did I have to get cought…why?

“Prisoner 2894(Gituku)! Get back to work! Theres four more miles and the rest of these men aren’t going to do your work for you pussy” The guard said as he began to laugh, enjoying his time making fun of the prisoner.

“And you Prisoner 2876(Dabulamanzi), don’t make me tell you again. You’ve been here long enough, you know the drill!” The guard shouted aloud to the prisoner.

The two men put their heads down and began to place the trash in the trash bags scattered around on the side of the road. One of them whispered to the other, “Hey, Gituku, I swear I’m going to kill that pig one day. When I go to do it, you wanna help?” He said low enough that only Gituku could hear.

“Dabulamanzi, your insane! We are stuck here. If I can run, I’m going to run, but you kill him an’ they will just give us another fat fuck to yell at us. Its pointless, and it will only give you three months of “Shitty Solitary” too.”

“So what? least I would have made one less fat fuck in this world then Gituku. Your no fun man…watch this.” Dabulamanzi said as he threw down his shovel.

Dabulamanzi walked over to the guard and said, “Hey, Im thirsty, give me some of your water.”

“The guard laughed at him, grabbed his club from his belt and then swung at him. Dabulamanzi knew that would happen and grabbed it with one hand mid-swing, and then knocked out the guard with a shot to the jaw from his other hand. The other guards present quickly stunned him and beat him up with their clubs for a minute or two, and then left him laying there on the ground.

“Alrighty everyone! Since Prisoner 2876 is a prick, all of you are going to finish doing this without his help, as well as go on without any breaks until it’s done. So get to work…oh, and Have fun!” The guard said smugly.

With that, Dabulamanzi layed there severely beaten but with a small grin on his face, content with knocking out that guard. The rest of them men continued on with their labor untill they finished and went back to the prison for the night.

Later on that night, all of the prisoners were in their cells. Gituku and Dabulamanzi were only three cells away from eachother, and would whisper back an forth during the night whenever they got bored.

“Hey Dabulamanzi, are you alright?”

He waited a couple of minutes and there was no response. “Hey…are you alright Dabulamanzi?”

There was still no reply, however he heard the footsteps of two night guards coming closer. They were one floor below him and he cold hear them talking.

“So…are you excited to see The Assistants come in an pick some people out?”

“Yea…there are quite a few that I hope to god will be picked so I don’t have to deal with them. I had to beat up one today for knocking out another guard. Its just tiring when prisoners are that stupid.”

“Yea…it really is. There’s another one too….he seems quiet but I know he’s thinking of doing something big. Hes a schemer, and I don’t like that.”

He could then only hear their voices as they continued to walk away.
“Gituku…you hear that!?”

“Dabulamanzi..what the hell, where were you 30 seconds ago?”

“I was listening to the Guards. I have better ears than you Gituku. At least I know how to use ‘em”

“Shut up. I have good physical traits too, jst wait and see, I just haven’t been challenged.”

“Well then make a challenge. Do what I did earlier today…I dare ya!”

“That was stupid. I see my brain too dumbass. Not just muscle. Anyways…you think they will pick us out?”

“I don’t know Gituku, but I hope so to be honest. Despite all of the bad rumors, It would be nice to get some new scenery, or at least some new faces around here.”

“Yea…that’s true. I just hope it works out for the better. This really isn’t so bad ya know?”

“Yeah…well I’m going to bed Gituku. And don’t sweat it too much. Wherever we end up Im sure we can handle it.”

The two men then rolled over and heard another prisoner speak, “Are you two homos done chit chatting now? I would like to get some sleep too faggots.”

Gituku and Dabulamanzi rolled over in their cots and began to fall asleep. Gituku thought to himself, Dabulamanzi is one of the toughest men I have seen. I don’t know where he gets it from, but I know he will never quit at anything…I just hope that toughness doesn’t end up getting him killed.

The next day everyone awoke and went to breakfast. While in line, one two men got into a fight, and one of them was strangled to death before the guards could push through the circle of prisoners surrounding the fight. It was later discovered that the victor was being sentenced to death this very day, and it went known that he and his gang were killers to the very end and not to be messed with.

After the fight, Gituku and Dabulamanzi were separated for the day, sent to do different tasks. Gituku had to go onto the roof to repaint it and reshingle it. Dabulamanzi had to go and dig the trench around the prison two feet deeper so that it could hold more water and not flood the road when the storms came. It was another hot day, and the two men became very fatigued as the day went on.

Gituku, getting a bad sunburn while standing on the top of the roof, began to talk to a guard out of boredom. “So…why were you told to watch us? Were on the top of a roof? Its not like we can go anywhere…you must not be a very high ranking guard eh?”

“Shut up scum! You’re the one painting the roof, so it seems that you’re below me no matter how low I may or may not be.” The guard replied back hastily and laughing.

“Well,” Gituku began to reply, “Then why are you guarding us?”
“So that you cant jump off the roof and end your miserable life before The Assistants arrive tomorrow!”

“The Assistants huh? So its true, they really do come and get people. I didn’t think guards were allowed to talk about that stuff with prisoners. Maybe that’s why your guarding a roof.”

“If you attempt to insult me one more time, I swear I will push you off the roof and say I messed up. I have no problem killing someone like you.”
“I already know everything I wanted to know. Thanks” Gituku replied in a smart ass sort of tone.

Dabulamanzi was feeling like he was going to die. His arms were swollen from shoveling so much dirt all around the prison. He also began to speak with his guard, trying to pick another fight.

“Alright so why are you here watching us? Why don’t you help us out so we can all finish faster and you can go back to your slut of a wife and have your way that much sooner?”

(OOC: I had originally planned on makin this three different posts, but I figured why not put it all in one. Sorry for it being so long but its more of a story like I said...)
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Minister of Immigration
Minister of Immigration

Posts : 441
Join date : 2009-07-09
Age : 32
Location : Columbus OH or Anderson SC

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PostSubject: Re: Making a Menace   Making a Menace EmptyTue 4 Aug 2009 - 22:00

“Prisoner 2876! I would kill you if it weren’t for the surprise your going to have in store for tomorrow.”

“Oh yea…well I bet your wife is at home right now with some other guard. Hell, maybe even someone you had arrested in the past.”

“That’s it. Your Mine!”

Dabulamanzi swung his shovel and hit the guard right in the knee, crippling the man. He then knelt down and out his arms behind his back. When the two guards nearby ran over, they thought that he was attacked by the guard, and was defending himself, so they placed him back in his cell for the rest of the day.

As Dabulamanzi was being dragged off, the guard yelled to him, “Prisoner 2876! Your in for it. You have no idea. When it happens I want you to remember this moment, and know that I am smiling and happy about every single minute of it.”

Dabulamanzi sat in his cell pondering about what that could mean. A few hours later the rest of the men Showed up and Gituku and Dabulamanzi began to talk again.

“Gituku, some guard told me were in for a surprise tomorrow. What do you think it is?”

“The Assistants are coming.”

“You think so? I don’t know man…I don’t think they are real, just something to keep us scared and obedient.”

“No Dabulamanzi, my Guard today told me they were coming. I’m tired and am going to sleep man. We may need the rest for tomorrow.”

“ cant be serious man….Gituku? Shit, you are serious! Your already going to bed…”
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Making a Menace
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