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Minister of Immigration

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PostSubject: Nations in Jeopardy   Nations in Jeopardy EmptySat 11 Jul 2009 - 1:17

As part of the Minister of Immigrations job, he/she is supposed to go though the list of member nations and check to see each nation's last activity every other week.

This is because nations "die" after 28 days of inactivity, unless in vacation mode in which it is 60 days. In order for the region of Hyrule to grow, the MoI checks to see how many are potentially going to "die" by seeing who has not been active for more than 15 days. It is then their goal to recruit at a minimum one more nation than the amount that may possibly die.

If this is done correctly every other week, then the region of Hyrule will never stop growing, as we will be recruiting one more nation than the amount that will "die" off.

The MoI will post the names of the nations that are in jeopardy of "dying" below in a seperate post and include how long they have been inactive for (if after 15+days). Should you know any of these nations or know of a way to contact them, please do so and inform them that their nation may die soon if not logged into quickly.

Example: If Ness Snorlaxia has not been active in the past 27 days, and does not have the nation set to vacation mode, the nation will die tomorrow. We then post below in a seperate post:

Quote :
Nations in Jeopardy:

South Malaysia-16 days inactive
Ness Snorlaxia-27 days inactive

Everyone is then able to do their best to get ahold of Ness Snorlaxia and South Malaysia and stop that nation from "dying" and keeping Hyrule full of nations and people. Sometimes a nation will be more than 28 days inactive, in which we then know they are on vacation mode, and then have X amount of days remaining untill they hit 60 days inactive and "die".
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Nations in Jeopardy
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