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PostSubject: Recruitment Telegrams   Recruitment Telegrams EmptyWed 5 Dec 2012 - 22:39

Feel free to customize them! These will be updated as needed.

BTW: Let me know when you decide to do recruitment so we don't send more than one message to the same nation. How can we make sure it does not happen? Recruit on different days or keep a recruitment list.

Where can you Recruit? The Feeder regions (or Game Created Regions as they are known now) only! For RMB advertisements, we don't do those, because TGing is more effective.

  • The Pacific
  • The East Pacific
  • The North Pacific
  • The South Pacific
  • The West Pacific
  • Lazarus*
  • Osiris*
  • Balder*
  • The Rejected Realms*

Recruitment Telegrams Menu10

Recruitment Telegrams New_tg10

Recruitment Telegrams What_t10

Recruitment Telegrams Messag10

Above Message Template:

After you use "tag:template" and compose the message you [Send] it and it will give you the following:

Recruitment Telegrams What_y10

The above template I have create can only be used by me.

Now in your sent box, the template will be listed in there so you can always get your unique template code. What do you do with the code? Easy: paste it into the TG being send to new nations. Also it will give you this:

Recruitment Telegrams Exampl10

***Recruitment in: Lazarus, Osiris or Balder require changed to the messages welcoming them back to NS. But only recruit in them if you want to.

We do not recruit in The Rejected Realms***

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Recruitment Telegrams
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