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Flag: Unknown at this time. Most units use a silver standard with a black heart and cross, although minor customizations (i.e. regional flags) are often attached as well.

Motto: One Power for a Free Slavic Land

Headquarters: The underground networks of Belgrade, Serbia

Info: The Black Heart (Full Name: The Black Heart of the Slavic Territories) is a terrorist cell that is dedicated to the removal of any and all things Protoan in the Slavic lands of the Protoan Empire. While most members of The Black Heart are so called 'weekend warriors', all carry the burning desire of seeing their homeland free of 'modern day imperialism'. As a result, they are willing to do anything to promote and hopefully achieve their cause.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Given the 'civilian soldier' nature of The Black Heart, it is very easy for individuals to blend in with the surrounding populace, making tracking all the more difficult. Their cause has also given them tremendous fighting spirit even in bad odds. However, in terms of true military discipline and action, problems do arise as most 'soldiers' are only given rudimentary firearms training and drilling. Also, most weapons must be produced by the individual as Protoan bases in the Slavic regions are under tight security. This has led to some soldiers fighting with outdated rifles, pistols, etc.

Military Strength: At the max, 8,000 individuals can be called upon to serve The Black Heart. This does not take into account so called 'logistics' personnel who are often sent along into the fight as well.
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The Black Heart
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