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 Winter Olympics!

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Winter Olympics! Empty
PostSubject: Winter Olympics!   Winter Olympics! EmptyFri 12 Feb 2010 - 12:53

On behalf of everyone from around the world, welcome to
the 2010 Hyrule Winter Olympics, held here in the heart of winter sports, the French Alps! We know you are ecstatic to see athletes from around
the world coming here for 17 days to challenge themselves in the
hardest way possible, and to hopefully bring home the gold for their
country! Now, today, we have the Opening Ceremonies for you at the home venue here in Chamonix here, so let's go down there, where the Ceremonies are
about to begin.....


"On behalf of the Olympic Committee, these games are
now officially open here in Chamonix! Please stand as we play the
national anthem for Canton Rouge, La Marseilliase."

(Cue national anthem)

"Thank you. Now then, I understand the assembly of
nations is ready. We will begin with the host country, then proceed
onward. So, please welcome in our first group, the Cantorougians!"

(Cue switching to television coverage)

"And hello to all those watching around the world. No matter where you are, we are proud that you are here watching the Olympic games!"

"As you can see, we have the nation presentations right now. Nations from all over the world such as Canton Rouge, Clamparapa, Ness Snorlaxia, and more await their chance to walk home with a gold medal, but the real question will be who will walk home with the most medals."

"As you can tell, we have the standard winter events of hockey, bobsledding, and figure skating. But we also have new events such as snocross, winter moto-x, and rally racing, in an olympic attempt to also pay homage to extreme sports."

"So as the nations continue to pile in, let us welcome in 17 days of fun winter activity!"

(Cue Olympic theme)

OOC: I know, not the best opening, but meh.
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Winter Olympics!
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