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South Malaysia
South Malaysia

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Unknown Location, South Malaysia

"We could hold this nation hostage! All we have to do it take over is the Embassy District. With the help of Separatist South Malaysia, we can do this. It is time we end this union between us and East Malaysia and unite our own kind and turn the human equals into our slaves," spoke James Saz to his group of conspirators, who all cheered.

"I'm glad to hear everyone is in support of this. I will send communique to to them to start the operation. We must move quickly to throw off the defense grid so they don't have time to respond to get the ambassadors out! The Separatist will move as soon as they get the communique and will seek revenge. Good luck, lets move."

Aerospace Navy South Command
Federated City, South Malaysia

"Commander Gear, I have lost sensors for the defense grid, all quadrants!" Ensign Windsor yelled over the Central Command from his station.

"On screen!" she said and moved to the command chair and looked at her console, then to the screen. "Computer. What was the last data the DGS record? Put it on screen," she spoke as most of her staff had stopped working and looked at the screen.

She stood up and spoke, "that's a virus signature coming from..." she paused and looked at her acting First Officer Lt. Commander Reese behind her.

"Computer. Quarantine the virus and activate back up systems. Reese, get the senior staff in here. Windsor, we're going to need support from our ships use the emergency signal. Tell them we don't know what's going on exactly but Code 1," she ordered as she went to the nearest station to review how the virus got past the firewall without detection.

The Computer spoke: "The virus has been quarantined but caused major damage to the computer infrastructure. Partial systems are back online."

"Ships have responded and they are launching or redirecting to major cities. The virus has caused damage to their systems also," Windsor spoke.

"We need to get the ambassadors out of Federated City..." Commander Gear was telling a few people at the communications station when the computer alarms went off.

Lt. Hanson at the Tactical Station spoke quickly, "We have incoming!"

"Red alert! All hands to their stations!" Commander Gear yelled as the ground shook. Are the ground launchers still online?!"

"Running on back ups but they are working!" yelled Lt. Hanson.

"Fire at will! I need to know what is going on out there. Ask all ships in range to to relay us data..."

(ooc: open to anyone, this is the RP Mod RP also.)

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