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 Flaming/Flamebating/Trolling Act (06/26/09)

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Flaming/Flamebating/Trolling Act (06/26/09) Empty
PostSubject: Flaming/Flamebating/Trolling Act (06/26/09)   Flaming/Flamebating/Trolling Act (06/26/09) EmptyFri 26 Jun 2009 - 17:12

Revised 06/26/09 from original 05/16/06

Article I - Flaming
Flaming Will NOT be tolerated

Flame: Expressing anger at someone in uncouth ways with OOC (out-of-character) comments (i.e. swearing, being obnoxious, threatening etc). Watch what you post IC (in-character) as well unless the other posters know you're not serious. You do not need to curse to be a flamer. Erudite slams while maintaining a veneer of politeness can also be considered flaming. Flaming in the forums should be reported to the Minister of Internal Affairs.

Article II - Flamebating
Flamebaiting will NOT be tolerated

Flamebait: Posts that are made with the aim of angering someone indirectly. Not outright flame, but still liable to bring angry replies. Flame baiting is a far more subtle and covert action; it is an underhanded tactic that is designed to provoke a response from another player. It's in the same context of trolling but with flamebaiting it's just the one person.

Obscene and Explicit content: Sexually graphic images and posts. Very strictly forbidden. Obscene imagery and content in the forums should be reported to the Ness Snorlaxia or South Malaysia. Please provide a link to the topic, but do not quote it while explaining its illegality. Then we have to find and delete them.

The standard for both forums and game is the US movie rating "PG-13". Mild swearing may be tolerated, mild sexuality may be hinted, but explicit or excessive versions of either or both may result in proportional mod response.

Article III - Trolling
Trolling will NOT be tolerated

Trolling: Posts that are made with the aim of angering people. (like 'ALL JEWS ARE [insert vile comment here]' for example). While Trolls often make these posts strictly in an attempt to provoke negative comment, it is still trolling even if you actually hold those beliefs. Intent is difficult to prove over the internet, so mods will work under their best assumptions.

Note that posts of opinions you disagree with does not automatically equate with trolling. Disagreements are expected, as long as they are done in a civil manner. Any offenses of trolling should be reported to the Ness Snorlaxia or South Malaysia and link(s) should be provided.

Article IV - Punishments
1st offense - A written warning through PM from Founder, Delegate, Prime Minister, or Minister of Justice.
2nd offense - A 24 hour suspension from the forum
3rd offense - Trial through the Ministry of Justice
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Flaming/Flamebating/Trolling Act (06/26/09)
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