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 Coliumbos, the Shining Capital of Stupidity in this World...

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PostSubject: Coliumbos, the Shining Capital of Stupidity in this World...   Fri 24 Jul 2009 - 14:47

(I refer to my nation as DV Trainer. That's simply because i'm copying it from my other RP site, lol)

The Disputed Territrories of DV Trainer
Current national leader: High-Fief Jaquue La'Farrn (Male). Due for re-election in 2 years
Vice Leader(s): None. Other 3 Fief-Lords technically lie below the High-Fief:
Hand Trurm - Fanatical Military Leader from the Gold Desert
Robert El'Karon - Balanced Leader from the Crimson Oasis
N/A - The Arable Lands are currently electing their new Fief-Lord
N/A - The Central Metropolis is currently electing their new Fief-Lord
Current Nation (as in region of the actual nation) in power: The Blue Swathe - Homeland of the Current High-Fief
Opposition: No
Political system: Dictatorship
Capital: Faith's Grasp
Similar to: N/A
Population: 20 Million / 5 Million
Usual weather: Majority of nation enjoys British weather, but the Golden Desert has unfavorable sun and sandstorms
Natural disasters: High Threat of Sandstorms in Golden Desert. Possible Hurricanes in Spring
National language: Primarily English, but Latin is used when the 'nobility' is meeting
Nation formed: 400 years ago in 'Brazil'
Military Branches: The Blue Hand (The main line of defence for the High-Fief), The Council of Defence (Army, Navy, Air Force), The Fief-Guard (Elite Troopers)
Military Strength: 6.375 million +
Intelligence services: No Active Services
Industrial Power: Heavy in Oil, Crops, and Guns
National sport: Rugby
General Information: The Fiefdom of DV Trainer is a set of allied nations that act as a collective whole, with a single leader. Each area houses a part of society - The Golden Desert houses the Military, The Crimson Oasis houses The Arts, The Central Metropolis is where most houses are, The Arable Lands produce food, and The Blue Swathe is fishing and coastal housing

OOC: Tacky? Yes. Original? No.
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Coliumbos, the Shining Capital of Stupidity in this World...
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