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 People's Federal Republic of Insularia: Factfile

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PostSubject: People's Federal Republic of Insularia: Factfile   Sat 29 Aug 2009 - 18:32

The PFRI recently came into existence following the democratic election of a revolutionary Communist government, which replaced the previous government of capitalists and conservatives. The new government is attempting to build a society based on solidarity, cooperation and compassion - while at the same time maintaining Insularia's not insignificant international influence and military strength.

Quick Facts:
Capital: Munzao
Government type: Federal parliamentary republic, some autonomy for the four States (Kiji, Toki, Niji and Hanji)
Head of State: Collective leadership - the seven members of the Communist Party Politburo make executive decisions on a consensus basis
Party in power: Communist Party of Insularia
De-facto leader: Roger Fenguo - Chairman, Politburo of the Communist Party of Insularia
Legislature: The People's Assembly (unicameral parliament of 500 members)
Currency: PFRI Credit
Ethnicities: Each of the four States (Kiji, Toki, Niji and Hanji) maintain ethnic identities
Religions: 72% claim to follow the Insularian folk religion Sulfak - little organised religion beyond local level (shrines etc)
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People's Federal Republic of Insularia: Factfile
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