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 White Dawn

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Great AngloChinaLand

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PostSubject: Re: White Dawn   Wed 19 Aug 2009 - 17:45

"Right... so long as it's not gonna be a problem. Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, Greaves, let's get going. If Kaltev is not gonna bother to turn up on time we should get to the base - it could still be untouched."
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New Nation
New Nation

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PostSubject: Re: White Dawn   Thu 20 Aug 2009 - 12:43

"Who said I was late?" Sapyiat asked from behind Greaves and Orchenka both of whom turned to regard the Katechener operative there was an immediate case of if looks could kill as both Sapyiat and Orchenka stared each other out.

"You must be Greaves" Sapyiat said looking now at the man
"I am" Greaves said "Nice to meet you."
"Likewise" Sapyiat said who now rather hesitantly offered her hand to Orchenka.

The reason was simple Sapyiat had arrived in Katechener as an immigrant, why else would she have such a Russian name yet not be from Russia herself? She'd watched her parents house get torched years 5 ago back when she'd been 18 years old that was why she had a strong hatred of the Russians.

But to see Orchenka standing in front of her was essentially Sapyiat facing her demons
"So" Sapyiat said "Has someone got an update for me?"
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Great AngloChinaLand

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PostSubject: Re: White Dawn   Thu 20 Aug 2009 - 17:31

OOC: Haven't the foggiest idea why Metz isn't posting, so we'll have to move this along now


Greaves glanced Sapyiat up and down. Orcheka had immediately stiffened up, ignoring the hand and offering a curt nod.

"We can't be having any history on this one. We have reason to believe that a Soviet base has been attacked by the White Dawn - we don't know when or why. What we do know is that the message only just arrived - but the attack was already scheduled to happen. This means that someone knows we are going to the base. That means we will have company - could ba a handful of men, could be a brigade. Whatever their strength, we are getting a Blackhawk to the outskirts of that sector, moving to the hills overlooking the base and from there, we can plan our attack - if indeed the Soviets were defeated."

Orcheka and Sapyiat both nodded, neither daring to talk.

"So, shall we board?"
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PostSubject: Re: White Dawn   

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White Dawn
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